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  1. So my patience finally paid off and i got an ebay voucher which allowed me to pick one of these up for RRP. Now this is my first G-shock and infact my first digital watch and I must say I am pleasantly surprised by it here are my findings and opinions on it so far. The obvious 1) This watch is extremely accurate (+- 15 second per month) 2) I doesnt need the time changing after the initial setup 3) its tough and i dont have to worry about scratching it which is nice given how paranoid I am about scraping my Ventura Auto. The Good 1) It is surprisingly compact, it is only 11.8 mm thick meaning that it actually wears slimmer than my SARB017 on a Nato 2) Despite being all black it is actually very legible, i though this was going to be more of a fashion piece but is actuallyproving to be a great daily wearer 3) It isn't too big, I only have 6.6" wrists so a lot of moder watches look silly on me but the 48.5mm case on this actually fits! (just) 4) It looks great! 5) It's a G-shock 6) It was cheap enough that my partner won't kill me for buying it. The Bad 1) The initial setup was a pain and took a lot longer than any opther watch I own (thankfully I won't have to do that again) 2) The lume sucks, but the light is really good so the digital time is always easy to read. Really I would love to get a black steel bracelet for it but that can wait for a while but this is definitely a keeper and it fills a digital/beater shaped hole in my collection. Hopefully my next watch won't be a horrifically overhyped one from 2019.
  2. Casioak for me again today, the more time I spend with it the more i find myself really appreciating the lightness of the thing and just not having to worry about knocking or scratching it...
  3. I finally popped my g-shock cherry and picked up a blacked out GA2100 and I must say I can see how people can get hooked on these.
  4. I just hopped on the hype train and got a 1 way to the blacked out GA-2100 I must say i'm pleasantly surprised by how well it wears as i only have a 6.6" wrist. Its extremely light and despite what a lot of other people have said i find it surprisingly easy to read.
  5. New watch arrived yesterday and as it's unlikely i will be dressing up for anything anytime soon i suspect this will be my new daily wearer for the forseeable future.
  6. Personally I think this is gorgeous although i really wish they hadn't made it bigger as I haver small wrists so i'm worried that it may make me look like a child that borrowed his dads watch.
  7. I just pulled the trigger on my first g-shock if that counts? Unfortunately im looking to relocate which has put all shopping plans for the immediate future on hold.
  8. Thats awesome! what model is that?
  9. I finally tracked one of these down to try on as ive wanted one since they first teased them but unfortunately it was just too darn big for my tiny wrists. Shame as they are great looking things, pictures just never do them justice.
  10. Have a word with Steveo and see if hew can knock you comething together i have a couple of his and they aren't cheap butthey certainly arent expansive either and he makes to order so im sure he can sort you something out. https://www.steveostraps.com/
  11. Hi guys i know the rlt 29 utelizes a tag heuer edge for its case, does anyone know which dial size this case accommodates? Whether its 24.5mm mid size or the 28mm full size?
  12. Another happy Alpanist owner checking in
  13. Well I did it, I saw the picture and I drank the cool aid and bit the bullet on an Alpanist. I actually got it last year but had it put aside as it was a birthday present for myself, I was lucky and picked it up from Japan before the price hikes and somehow it got through customs without a charge. I actually realy like it, the dial is very striking and i love the compass as it makes it stand out just that little bit, unfortunately the original strap was garbage but I have a couple of Nato's for it and it looks great! It keeps time really well and the lume makes it very useable and easy to read, i've had plenty of compliments on it and it is rapidly taking over as my daily wearer. The only niggles are that if you catch it in a reflection the dial looks very flat, in person it looks much closer to a sunburst and the rotor is a little noisy but ive gotten used to it and now i miss that a little when i wer my other daily wearer which is a quartz. Here it is on one of Steveo's honestly I think this suits it down to the ground an i rarely take it off of this. And for when it needs dressing up a little: the week after my birthday I went abroard for a conference and this made for the perfect 1 watch wardrobe as it looks great with a casual outfit on the green Nato but also works well on the bond when it need to be dressed up a little.
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