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  1. Does anyone here know if its possible to get hold of replacement crystals and gaskets for shocks? Or if replacing broken ones is a service that casio offers?
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone here has had any experiance with luming a watch using black lume? I am hoping to find some of superluminiva or c3 brightness but cabt find much online about them. Also has anyone got any tips for luming unlumed markers?
  3. change of strap for a more vintage feel this evening: I'm glad it looks good after all the hassel i had to go through to get spring bars for it... For those that are interested the strap is a strapcode tapered mesh in polished finish and the spring bars are 1.78mm with 1.1mm chunky ends and had to be imported from the US from the only seller on ebay that makes them, fortunatley despite basiclly cornering the market they are not taking the mick with the prices.
  4. Thread incoming but probably not until next month when i can get hold of a camera for the up close shots. Besel insert is the bb58 from namoki, they're very easy to get right provided you do them last so you can line it up with the watch face properly. I used dlw hands and would not recommend them due to the very lack luster lume, especially if you have superluminova or c3 on your dial i would look at a guy called "dial maker" on facbook as hes just started doing super lume hands. For chapter ring alignment check out watch and learn #46 on long island watches YouTube channel. Other than that get a decent press for the crystal and make sure you get a couple of spare gaskets and some silicon grease i recommend the 300m ones fron seikomods.com. Get a scrap movement and hands to practice on as i absolutely ruined the first set i tried it with! The strap is a crown and buckle chevron.
  5. I'll be doing a proper thread for this when I can take not aweful pictures of it but todays watch is my freshly home made skx0058 no prizes for spotting the inspiration behind this one. Its actually my first build and i am super happy with how it turned out, unfortunately due to my woeful photography you cant really make out the beautiful meteorite dial.
  6. hey guys I've been around for a little while now but as many of you may have noticed my photography is very lacking so any tips for an absolute amateur? I have galaxy s9 for smartphone photos and access to a fujifilm x-m1 when required. Unfortunately the main thread for this relies on a now dead site so any tips would be massive appreciated. Also it seems like a silly question but any tips for decent wrist shots?
  7. This is a relief, the vc overseas deep stream chronograph is my grail watch and i was always worried that with its slightly understated design it may be dissapointing on the wrist.
  8. You definitely made the right choice, i have the full blackout version and it looks fantastic but in low light it really is awful to read. Great watches though, since lockdown I've been wearing mine almost exclusively.
  9. Does anyone on here use wearable loupes? If so which would you recommend?
  10. Yeah ive got some pressing tools bt i actually found it easier just using tweezers. Any tips for aligning the hands or for knowing how and when they are correctly seated, of all things it was the minute hand that gave me issues the second hand went is first time but the minute hand was so bent it just knocked the second hand flying Also how do you select the correct pressing tool?
  11. I had my first attempt at fitting a set of hands and it inevitably ended in a collection of choice words, frustration and a set of nadgeled hands so how do those of you who do it do it? Also is there a way of easily ensuring i havent also damaged the movement?
  12. Just got the last few tools coming in for me to start my first build at the moment.
  13. No ill be honest as with most people i doubt my diver will ever even see the sea or a pool. I love those but im holding off as a speedy is on my bucket list and I'll definitely be getting one of these to go with that.
  14. Lovely watch, they seem to be disappearing into obscurity a little which is a real shame as think its a very striking looking watch while remaining true to its tool watch routes. It's definitely on my list of watches to own someday.
  15. So following this advice I have my eye on a decent press but it does not include dies, are they all universal? Which material dies should i be after aluminium or Nylon? Also there is a decent number of vintage omega ones around, are they actually any good?
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