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  1. At some point i'll start wearing my own watches again...
  2. Once to time how much of my time was being wasted in a meeting as i forgot my phone. Personally i think they look cool and an integral part of the design which makes a diver so appealing but other than that they have no relevance in ordinary life however my manager is a diver and he wont be without one. Also im not convinced by lume pips as you know where 12 oclock is in relation to your arm. Just my 2 cents I will however add that i dont like things being there for the sake of it I don't use a but i would never own something with a fixed bezel that is there just for asthetic.
  3. Its going back to @JayGee tonight as its a little too 80's for me, although that may be mainly down to the bracelet. Also I'm slightly worried that extended exposure would leave my left arm looking a little bare!
  4. Yeah i think I'm stuck waiting for him to get these serviced
  5. Im going to throw my hat into the ring here for gary oldman for his portrayal of churchil in darkest hour
  6. Is it in the classifieds? I checked the RLT site but im too new for that area on here still, i get the feeling that having access to that area coukd get me into a lot of trouble
  7. My credit card is thankful that I missed this one when it was for sale as that is gorgeous!
  8. If theres potentially radium then im glad i cant get the back off of it! Ill give him a kick into getting then serviced so i can get the full model numbers then. Im pretty sure its an automatic, ill have to double check. I recently got pointed at the omega vintage site and im pretty sure the bottom one is a 1949 tresor https://www.omegawatches.com/en-gb/watch-omega-tresor-omega-ot-2620 And i think ive found the other one https://www.omegawatches.com/en-gb/watch-omega-other-omega-ck-2506
  9. Yeah hes got some really cool stuff and quite a range too, im quite new so im working my way through them to figure out what i like amd what i can live with. Definitely a good thing as 2 days with his poljot pilot and i realised that i could not live with the ticking!
  10. Depends on your budget but i would definitely be looking at the glycine combat sub range
  11. Another bad photo of another of my dads watches:
  12. My personal favourite from my dads collection today:
  13. How about a hamilton khaki auto? Great looking watch that goes with everything and has an absolutely bomb proof movement. I was in the same situation and got myself a seiko sarb017 because of that beautiful green dial but the 033 and 035 are gorgeous time pieces too.
  14. Okay thank you, I'll see if i can persuade him to take the back off and let me know whats inside then
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