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  1. Going to necrobump this, sorry and all that... I have been gathering Oskar Emil's since I got my first one, which it is a Houston and seems to be something a lot better than its descendants that followed. The Houston is super heavy, solid stainless steel throughout, has a quite fancy Miyota chronograph and as watches go, isn't half bad. I paid a fiver for it as it has a slight chip on the crystal but the quality alone is very high, no hollow links, screw end attachment of substantial SS bracelet to substantial SS case with a turbine "bezel" held in place by a thick embellisher over crown located by thick dome headed screws again in SS. Then I got my second one, this time for £4, the Series 300 or 3000 with the quite nice purpleish dial, titanium and gold finish on the metal and it needed a new battery and it was like buying something a bit sporty motor wise... then looking in the engine bay and finding a picture of an engine, a Miyota 2115 which can be found on ebay new for about £2... And today, arrived my Series 800, nice navy blue dial in a case and bracelet not a million miles away from the Houston, solid links, polished SS, firm all metal one direction bezel with quite a firm click to it, like my other O-E's, the lume is actually quite good, even the 300/0 has strident lume but I am now reluctant to look under the hood so to speak as I saw the scammers special, the Claude Valentini is identical to the O-E 800. The only difference to the Claude is the etching on the clasp keeper and the printing under the upper numerals... same bezel, same heavy link bracelet and I know without a doubt that under the dial lurks another cheapo bottom rung Miyota So what gives with O-E? The Houston which seems to be quite an elusive and singular piece oozes rugged and quality, very much a machismo piece to it seems what follows looks OK but under the hood is cheap and rather nasty? I will say the 800 despite all this is far nicer on the wrist than the 300/0, I was thinking of getting a Caesium but tbh I am reluctant now expecting its powered by god knows what Also giving a hearty wave to my almost neighbour above, from up here in the cheap seats in Gillingham, I'm the lone loonie who drives around the place in a dirty yellow three wheel van hehe whilst wearing my usual wrist fodder of prob radioactive Russian's, its kinda testament to Del Boy to be having it large with a big ugly Soviet lump on your arm but I do likes me Soviet watches, I do like my Houston but I don't like the 300 and 800 and not going to buy a Caesium.
  2. I have got several Avia's now, one apparently a very early "bmw" patterned scroll name sub second dial I paid £4 on ebay for this gem and it keeps astonishing time for its age. The seller said it had a dead battery and water damaged... started ticking on the second twirl of the crown, took a good wind and kept about 30 hours on it and I set it from midnight IAT and midnight the next day it hadn't dropped a second. The only other one close to this was a very cheap gold Ruhla believed 70's, never been worn, not a scratch, mark or blemish on that or its German expanding rolled gold bracelet and that is a beautiful piece. I used to live in Redhill and never knew Avia were there, I was one of the naughty "philly" boys who enjoyed the bars and small room theme up on Philanthropic Hill, we were always loved down the local youth club Horizon or rather the girls liked us, the boys all hated us hehe Funny other fact of Redhill for me is for a while I used to help out the Reliant garage in Brook Lane, still called the Brook Garage and my car of choice today is a Reliant Robin MK2 so I deal with Phil a lot at the old place but he don't remember me lol or rather he chooses not to remember he had one of us rascals there as I do believe the town did sigh a sigh of relief when the old school became a school for the blind. Wearing right now a very tidy Avia Mariner, OK the case isn't as big as I would like it but it is waterproof, it has out of all my watches the best lume lasting a good ten minutes, I also have the matching ladies version of this but sadly no lady hehe.
  3. I have two Chinese automatic watches and both are superb, one cost me £13 the other £16 and looks almost the same as a Breitling, the first is a quite pleasant subbie but on a very thick leather bund and olive bezel insert with a black dial. Another of my Chinese collections is a very striking quartz day date with a coffee dial, 12 point faceted glass and in a rose gold stainless steel case and bracelet, it is just so much bling for the few pounds it cost and tells very good time. The £16 one has functioning 3 sub dials, OK unlike the Breitling's super chrono its just day, date and 24h but for the money and a display back was astonishing.
  4. I know its not exactly rare or whatever but I have sorted out a ladies Swatch Tresor in white giving it an excellent polish and clean but damnation if I can find out where I can buy a replacement battery cover and I can't give it to one of me daughters with a bit of duct tape on the back. So there we start to enter into the almost insane world of Swatch... so I have emailed 'em twice and not heard a thing, so how do I measure for a replacement off ebay which incidentally are as helpfully listed as finding a land mine in ones ice cream, one listing for a five pronger went on about the width of the strap and I am like wth... not one listing seems to correlate to anything sane so any ideas as I am rueing not having a 3d printer and knock one off meself...
  5. OK, I have in my leetle box of broken watches a Seiko LCD A904-5000 which cosmetically is in very good order, crystal is in nice condition and the strap I can polish up as I have a full range of metal polishing things but the battery is dead and for the life of me I cannot see how to get the old battery out as I am very very frightened of bending the battery lock plate and after a couple hours googling I am stumped, I have the manuals and the thing on what to short when a new battery is fitted but nothing seems to show how to just take out the old cell for the new one. I am a fully signed up newb to all of this and I don't want to destroy a watch I so wanted as a young lad and instead ended up with a Macy's LCD watch which was just 'orrible esp when the gold tone rubbed off almost overnight.
  6. Hi, I stumbled into this whole thing because of a Sekonda Safari, no strap, dead movement, glass stove in and looking very sorry for itself and with it came a dark blue mother of pearl Sekonda chronograph and in spot on condition sans strap and a matching ladies date Sekonda with the same blue pearl which wasn't working and I sat there contemplating sending them to Sekonda to get working again and one of my favourite Youtuber's MyMateVince did a couple videos doing some repairs on a Tudor and another brand and I thought to mesel' "hey I reckon I could do that" so inspiration to Vince and def worth watching his vids (I am a frequent annoyance in the comments). Being of the inquisitive type that likes to fiddle with shiny objects as I do, I started looking into a new strap for the chrono, I replaced the tiny coil in the ladies and I rebuilt the Safari with a new glass, new movement (Miyota 2115 cost like £3) and feeling bold I made a 1970's era type of rivetted wide hide military strap hand rivetting the brass studs and it went so well with the bronze and gunmetal of the case. So def a beginner but I am thoroughly enjoying this I thought, so won a couple of joblots of broken watches off of ebay giving me something like 65 quartz watches to play with and 5 mechanicals including some very odd pocket mechanical in an Ingersoll case called an Alert Junior and very cheaply made, also a very old Paul Jobin IncaBloc is there missing the stem so have fixed a few of the quartz's, some needing a clean, or stuck hands but simple fixes, some are more intricate like the two Seiko's but I am cutting my teeth on the quartz until I feel competent enough to do a proper mechanical. I am a bit of a nutter as it happens, officially I am mentally ill thanks to PTSD and I find clockwork very soothing, I also own a tribe of cats, two daughters, three grandchildren, a 1958 Lambretta and a three wheel van... and a huge collection of Matchbox cars I restore and a large collection of model steam, not married anymore (thankful for that) and my little flat is basically a walk in and around workshop which drives my girls to distraction, usually when they have fallen over tyres or knocked a hammer onto their toes Oh the name comes from my oldest class character from World of Warcraft, been playing that nigh on fifteen years...
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