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    What's the point of all this hassle to upload images to thewatchforum when the watchuseek site facilitates image uploads from members computers, it doesn't make sense.Why make things so awkward thewatchforum....
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    Hi Martin, I'm not sure why some sites insist it's members upload images from a URL as opposed to their computer. I tried using a URL to the photo on my Google Drive which didn't work. How's it done on the Watchforum...
  3. I've just purchased a used 6 month old Bremont Alt1-C PB, what a lovely watch. I'm new to the Valjoux/ETA 7750 movement having previously owned a number of Rolex and and Omega watches. Due to not wearing it for a couple of days it stopped indicating the main spring had unwound so I decided to test the manual wind mechanism by holding it in place so the auto wind rotor remained still, I rotated the crown slowly clockwise and the watch failed to start until aprox 18 rotations were complete. During the manual wind process I noticed in addition to the normal winding sound there was an additional 4 clicks per revolution of the crown which could also be heard in the clockwise direction, this clicking was audible at arms length. I'd appreciate advice from somebody more familiar with the Bremont Alt1-C on whether 18 winds before it starts and the clicking is normal. I had read that the 7750 movement should only click when the overwind protection is activated. The watch itself is accurate to around 1sec per day and everything else about it is excellent, I'm just not 100% sure of whether the movement manual wind mechanism is working correctly, when I wind it manually it definitely winds it's the clicking and late restart than concerns me.
  4. Hi I'm new to the The Watch Forum, I retired early after 40 years in engineering the last 30 spent working on North Sea platforms. I love my watches having owned around 6 Rolex's and a Titanium Omega Planet Ocean. Unfortunately I'm a flipper and every time I flip I say that's the last time but it never is. I've recently taken ownership of a used 2019 Bremont Alt1-C PB it's a beautiful watch which I hope will put an end to my flipping.... I'm not one of those purists who claim a decent watch has to contain an in house movement, many don't, you buy a watch because you like it and want to wear it unless you're a flipper like I used to be....
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