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  1. Thank you everybody for your help and insight! The watch has just arrived on my desk and I have decided for an Ingersoll "The Riff", in a strange metal league that looks like rose gold; this is the one with dual time and the soon-moon feature (it works: it is telling me that it is night in the other time zone). I have two questions if I may: To Wheelnut 69: nice watch, did you buy it new? Impressive price! I went to visit tk maxx and I did not find any men's watches, so I think it's a case of looking what they have every now and then. To all: am I right in assuming that a cheap watch sold privately will always need a service, that is, it is sold because the owner knows that a service is coming and he does not want the expense? Or do a lot of people sell watches just because they have, actually, not worn them? Thanks to all again Cassius Longinus Hi again, may one have the contact details of "Simon of this parish"? Are there other people, from this or another parish, whom you would recommend? I am thinking someone who receive the watch via post as it is otherwise unlikely to be convenient for me. Thanks again Cassius Longinus
  2. Good morning everybody. I have posted this on the Russian/Chinese forum, bu then I reflected thi smight be of more general interest and not limited to Russian/Chinese watches. Thinking of getting this cheap automatic watch, or something comparable, up to £300. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ingersoll-Automatic-Tecumseh-IN1825SL-Leather/dp/B00KPXBNY4/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=ingersoll+tonneau&qid=1581068558&refinements=p_89%3AIngersoll&rnid=1632651031&s=watch&sr=1-4 I wonder how it works with the service, when it becomes due, and what other forum readers do. If you are requested £200 or £300 to service a watch you have paid not much more than that, frankly: what's the point? Would you not, then, fork a bit more and buy a new watch? Or are there ways to get a cheaper service for this kind of cheap watch? Or am I missing something? Thanks to all in advance
  3. Good morning everybody, I am thinking about buying a cheap automatic watch with complications (chronograph, lunar phase, or the like) Do you have such a watch serviced? Or do you just buy a new one when the time for a service comes? Do you spend, say, £300 for the service of a watch with some complications you have paid, say, £400 or £500? Or are there cheaper ways to get these watches serviced? Or am I missing something? Thanks to all in advance Cassius Longinus
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