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  1. Hi I have a small but ever growing collection of Russian Watches. Farleigh
  2. Hi Yes the strap has gone in the bin that’s how it came 16mm strap on 18mm lugs. Very pleased with watch runs well ,not the sort of watch I normally go for I like the bigger dive style but this could be a change in direction.
  3. Hi Recently joined forum(see introduce yourself ) As I said there Seiko is my favourite always was . Just picked this up today at an Antiques fair looks in very good condition serial no makes it May/1965. I think it’s genuine not opened back yet Hope link works first try at pics https://postimg.cc/gallery/1b8ee8yck/
  4. Im new to this forum I have been lurking around a few watch forums finding info etc I have a largest collection of mixed brands all mid to low end watches.Have a soft spot for Seiko and vintage Russian watches. Seiko being what got me into watch collecting my first being a black monster moved that on to help finance others wish I kept it now. Once I’ve worked out how to post pics will get a few uploaded. Farleigh
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