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  1. Looks like a map of the Nurberg ring is that your running challenge?? looks good though, very nice face
  2. Longines Hydroconquest, all day long. Think it fills your requirements perfectly OR, Hamilton Khaki Field, that has been my go to watch for 18yrs
  3. Hey Roy, I see you have posted one for sale? Did you not like it in the end? Still my 2nd fave watch
  4. Depends, normal day, pick a suitable watch and wear it all day. Weekend? Start with something, decide to do something other than sit around, so go change into suitable clothing and watch, come back change again (including watch) Get told off for swapping watches so sneak off and swap again, just to make it worth while
  5. as previously stated, youngest daughter wants the Hamilton, all the rest, not bothered.
  6. It may be worth playing with this to see if you can find a code at <20%? https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/sections
  7. If it was me? My Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz (Titanium SWAT edition), it dscent have the story of the Omega TV, but mine has been with me since 2003, travelled the world, seen some weird stuff, is regularly covered in blood and other bodily fluids.... Gets a boil wash every now and again I think I have done 4 batteries and about 6 straps Out of all my watches, that is the one my daughter wants when I shuffle off, not the £x thousand pounders, my £150 quartz
  8. 24, Cobra Kai, Walking Dead - Walking dead should do you ll 6 days on its own!
  9. Well, it is Tuesday - Be rude not to....
  10. Twas all Banter And it is a fun watch as well, dragging us screaming and kicking back onto subject...
  11. Careful, my youngest is studying Aerospace engineering, rebuilds Landrovers for a hobby and has a blackbelt in Shorin Ryu Karate.... make a quip like that to her, and she will provide a mechanical solution to inserting the ironing board sideways as straight up would be 'Too Nice'
  12. looking at the limited info in Mr Google, I am going to take a guess at late 90's, possibly early 2000's.
  13. pop a picture up, always helps
  14. When did you go? I know I was looking at one in October - It was Wifes birthday and why I would have gotten a divorce if I spent more on me
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