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  1. Speedy is my most worn watch, the others for 'mood' days (If it is pouring with rain and I am yomping the hills with the dog, then the G-Shock comes out) and my Milton Khaki Field for working the ambulance - If only because it is titanium and rubber and will survive a dunk in boiling water to remove bodily fluids....
  2. AutoGlym Super Resin polish, and/or Glass Polish. SRP is my go to to fix stuff works on plastics, painted surfaces etc. Fills the gaps with ‘resin’ which then polishes up lovely. I ‘Think’ the glass polish is an abrasive, but I must admit I am out and i cant remember the last time i used it.
  3. Lunar Pilot has always been a monster of a watch
  4. I like it, if you see the independent review pictures, it is a lot nicer looking than the official pages. If you have a thing for Space Watches, I think its a decent option.... But at that Price? Looking at is as a collection addition rather than a collectors piece - I have no doubt that a few will be sold by people expecting them to double in value overnight....
  5. £795.... It is Pretty, but is it £795 for a Bulova pretty? With 5,000 being made is it one to watch the discount market for? Good Morning, I hope you are well. I am emailing you to advise that further information on the Bulova Lunar Pilot Limited Edition watch has now become available. Please follow the link below for quick access to our website. https://uk.bulova.com/limited-edition-lunar-pilot.html Kind regards, Hannah Alexander Bulova Customer Care Here To help Email: support@bulovawatch.co.uk
  6. I would, given the flood of 'Kickstarter' projects now, it has killed the sector. 'Oh look, another Chinese bodge job'
  7. The blooming suitcase that comes with a Speedmaster?
  8. LIP often to br found on `bay as HP. there are some really nice older ones, anything more recent is a bit pants
  9. Simples Speedmaster, Seamaster Explorer 1 (Or Tudor Ranger) that’s your entire watch requirement ever, covered
  10. Davey - PM me if you fancy it - I need a second hand for manual Pulse and Resp rate so this gets hardly any wrist time
  11. Bricey, I have the white on Black - Like it a lot, but I am considering letting it go as the laclk of a Seconds hand is killing me
  12. I wasn't a fan of the north flag, I did like the Ranger though, and that went before Christmas... Not liking the Tudor direction, I wonder how long it will be before we see wait lists for those too, and the 3 new Daytonas that Rolex just dropped are silly money and no Steels...
  13. No Ranger update I am so annoyed that I didn't pull the trigger when I saw one for sale before the plague took
  14. Probably not that valuable in the big scheme, but rare - 2003 Hamilton tie in with the movie SWAT, worn on screen along with the first versions of the SureShot. Titanium body, PVD bezel ring, Red 12, 6, and 3 indicies, and the original had the first Khaki Field rubber strap (Long since replaced) My beater since 2003, but I love it and its the only watch my daughter wants from my collection
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