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  1. I suffer mine, I like it, but the lack of a proper second hand gets on my nerves. I think I am going to sell mine.
  2. I know its not a luxury watch, but my Hami Quartz has been round the world with me, the PVD is worn off the bezel and the case is a little battered - on its 4th or 5th strap now. I have shot with it, dived and climbed, jumped out of aircraft with it, pretty much every interesting even of the last 20ish years, I have had that watch with me. Of all my watches, that's the one my Daughter has explicitly said she wants left to her when i finally push my luck too far
  3. Where they haggling? My proper job has been going mental and i have not managed to get to the fun that is Milton Keynes centre....
  4. The actual AD’s yet? I was planning on doing the MK run to look for my Hydroconquest, but proper job got in the way.... maybe next week
  5. Nah mate, we delivered it, left under the bin as no-one there to sign for it
  6. To be honest, if it was just for you and you were not intending to flip it, i would take my chances wearing it through customs with box in the luggage. And it is a GS, not a flash Rolex or diamond studded thing...
  7. Factor it into a shopping trip while in the US? If you are looking at dropping £5k on a watch, a £300 return with Norwegian and a couple of nights in New York will probably cost less than the discount you can negotiate while there. (And it becomes used when you put it on the wrist, so avoid that old import duty)
  8. I shall be doing the circle of ADs in Milton Keynes. Searching for best price on the Grey Hydroconquest i have spent all lockdown lusting after. I wish there was an independent AD near me, i would rather give them the business and forgo some of the discount i would expect at a big AD.
  9. SNAP - buying expensive stuff, out comes the Speedy. even though my most common daily wearer is my Orient Star Outdoor, which actually says more about me as a watch person (i think) I shall be wearing the speedy when the shops open and i skip along to the circle of ADs (7th circle of hell?) in Milton Keynes next week getting best price for my Hydroconquest.
  10. I make a point of NOT wearing the speedy when on duty - every time i have forgotten and gone on duty while wearing it, 1st job has ben a sudden death/woke up dead.
  11. Speedy Pro, Seamaster PO.... That budget and size Omega are going to be your best value bets. Now, if you want to go multii watch? Speedy Pro reduced (used) not your 42/43mm, but jolly nice - Longines Hydroconquest 43mm newest model or 44mm older version.
  12. I think it is up to you and only you about the make up of your collection. I have my Speedy as my luxury/Chrono. My Orient Star Outdoor as a field watch, Orient Raven as my diver (while i wait for the shops to open and go get my Hydroconquest!) I also have my Gshock Casioak and Hamilton Khaki Field SWAT as my beaters/Qyartzes and my Le Chamaint as vintage dress.
  13. Seamaster is 5yrs service at around £500 a pop....
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