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  1. Been plenty of times before, love Bangalore. I shall limit my search for Lux brands to the airport, I really can’t be bothered with the hassle of haggling - not surprised the prices are higher even in AD’s, it’s a culture thing. I will have a look around the markets and smaller shops around MG road/Brigade.
  2. Speedy112, I am hitting India in Feb, will see what they have in Bangalore - I have a feeling that Heathrow T5 will be a waste of time.
  3. Not hunting fakes, honest (was actually looking at HMT) ang google threw this up.... complete set of box, annual and cards.... £136 https://intime05.co.uk/collections/omega-replica
  4. I have genuinely looked at buying a Royal Enfield and riding it home, but you can’t get the carnet through Pakistan. The only option is to buy in Nepal and come that way. But given the availability of them in the UK now, by the time you add costs and customs, and registration, it’s not really worth it. i will keep an eye out for any nice HMT, I shall be hitting my favourite street markets while I am there.
  5. Nope, have a look on Wish for faked Seiko 5 and Orients for £5-15 DHGate have some bloody frightening looking fakes of Tudors/Omega/Rolex for around £60.
  6. I did see a YouTube video the other day(sorry, can’t find it now) and the guy was asking a really important question.... if Omega are trying to ‘Rolex’ themselves, where does that leave the original Hesalite and Saphire Sandwich moonwatches? Why would you have essentially the same product (to the casual observer) at 2 very different price points? he also alleged that standard mooN watches were getting harder to source.... though my ADs seem to have plenty still.... could this be the end of the line for the moonwatch as we know it?
  7. In my mind, hourly.... then reality kicks in. 5 new ones last year, mostly budget (sub £150), but did buy my speedy smiths Everest on the radar, and possibly]y the Orient Outdoor, and the prospex Land.....
  8. I love it out there. Even hitting Bangalore for at least 12 years. My first proper visit with some down time for a year and since I started playing Watches
  9. Didn’t want Quartz.... picky old git am I not!
  10. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202874711787 2 things, 1, I am not spamming the group to get my post count up, honest.... just have some pennies burning a hole.... 2, what do you guys think of this? Does the price and condition look right? Is it a wrong’un? Looking for the advice of people with far more experience than me.. one thing I don’t like is he has the box, manuals, wallet, but not the actual cards... but that could just be me being paranoid!
  11. I spend a lot of time out there Mrs W. Never been caught yet
  12. ok, so i haven't hit India for a while, but I am out there mid Feb this year. Anything worth looking out for watch wise? limited shopping time/budget, I am meant to be working For exact location - Bangalore, hotel is on MG Road (The Oberoi) and i am happy walking around locally - i have been going there on and off for 12 years!
  13. Have to agree with that, something strange, old, unusual, different (regardless of price) rather than Fake.
  14. So, on the hunt for my Tudor Ranger best price etc, google threw me to DHGate... insert expletive here..... WTH? Some of the fakes on there look terrible, but others look frighteningly good. No wonder EBaying and 2nd hand buying is so dangerous. Pushing fakes is now in the realms of every dodgy idiot rather than the professional thief.
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