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  1. I was literally just handed one of these (the first one with the sweeping second subdial) in gold with the original elasticated strap. whats the value one one of these?
  2. Hate EBay. I won’t sell on there, and rarely buy anything I can’t afford to lose the money on. Buyers can’t be trusted (sorry honest ones) So many dodgy sellers, with fiddles and scams that are designed to get round EBays rules. would much rather find people on interest based forums who have a real (well as real as the internet can get) reputation to maintain.
  3. Inspired sitting in the car with the big bag on the back seat. Mrs R says I have to wait till my birthday to get it on my wrist. lots of fun going up and down the 3 ADs in Milton Keynes playing beat the price. (20% is doable, could have possibly got more my I had done my steps and parking was running out)
  4. Well done, after much toing and froing I have settled on a speedy with steel strap for my 50th in December. happy Birthday
  5. I am fortunate enough to have a tame Apple Fairy, I have ar least 1 of everything but resisting the watch despite it being pushed at every opportunity. Mrs R wants one and needed some reassurance that I was sticking to my principles rather than being a dinosaur thanks for the back-up guys. I have to be contactable 24/7 for work, so bloody phone must always be on.
  6. So, while waiting for my India Gamble to arrive, I was perusing the Apple Watch offerings. Are smart watches ‘allowed’ if you call yourself a watch person? personally, I actually don’t like them, think they are too intrusive. Phones are bad enough, but watches that nag and allow other people to interrupt life are just too much.
  7. Thanks for the link, sounds like the movement is pretty cool.
  8. Ok, confused already and it hasn’t even arrived yet!
  9. Some would say I take one whenever I order from our local, but not that type. fully aware it may be a FrankenWatch, but there is something about that face I really like.... and for 99p? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123965588188 if nothing else, it will start me on my ‘let’s pull it apart and see how it works’ journey
  10. Get a price from the AD, then post it for sale on here at the same price watch your hand get snapped off!
  11. You can pop some over to me on long term loan? Out of sight, out of mind?
  12. Hate Taptalk. They share all your info everywhere. I am on a couple of Ambulance forums and a few people have been caught out when making comments about their employer.
  13. There is even a guy on eBay offering 25% of any Omega new.
  14. They are on the list - only going to ask 2 or 3.
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