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  1. I would, given the flood of 'Kickstarter' projects now, it has killed the sector. 'Oh look, another Chinese bodge job'
  2. The blooming suitcase that comes with a Speedmaster?
  3. LIP often to br found on `bay as HP. there are some really nice older ones, anything more recent is a bit pants
  4. Simples Speedmaster, Seamaster Explorer 1 (Or Tudor Ranger) that’s your entire watch requirement ever, covered
  5. Davey - PM me if you fancy it - I need a second hand for manual Pulse and Resp rate so this gets hardly any wrist time
  6. Bricey, I have the white on Black - Like it a lot, but I am considering letting it go as the laclk of a Seconds hand is killing me
  7. I wasn't a fan of the north flag, I did like the Ranger though, and that went before Christmas... Not liking the Tudor direction, I wonder how long it will be before we see wait lists for those too, and the 3 new Daytonas that Rolex just dropped are silly money and no Steels...
  8. No Ranger update I am so annoyed that I didn't pull the trigger when I saw one for sale before the plague took
  9. Probably not that valuable in the big scheme, but rare - 2003 Hamilton tie in with the movie SWAT, worn on screen along with the first versions of the SureShot. Titanium body, PVD bezel ring, Red 12, 6, and 3 indicies, and the original had the first Khaki Field rubber strap (Long since replaced) My beater since 2003, but I love it and its the only watch my daughter wants from my collection
  10. I actually really like this - It has the vintage look but modern/larger size - If you want a retro/mod this would be a good choice - OR` the Longines Skindiver.....
  11. Timex Navi XL Auto - found for around £135 new. very deep green and I quite like it
  12. There are still people who will clear out Grandpa's old junk - if it doesn't say Rolex or look Gold, it will go in the charity shop bag. My daughters boyfriend got a nice Tissot from a charity shop in the Peak District a couple of years ago. Paid £10 for it
  13. that is way too pretty for you, I think you should donate it... seriously, that is a really nice looking piece.
  14. for a stock buy like this, hit any main jewellers like Beaverbrooks etc - if you don't get 10% off for asking, go to the next one 20% is doable.
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