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  1. Well, it is Tuesday - Be rude not to....
  2. Twas all Banter And it is a fun watch as well, dragging us screaming and kicking back onto subject...
  3. Careful, my youngest is studying Aerospace engineering, rebuilds Landrovers for a hobby and has a blackbelt in Shorin Ryu Karate.... make a quip like that to her, and she will provide a mechanical solution to inserting the ironing board sideways as straight up would be 'Too Nice'
  4. looking at the limited info in Mr Google, I am going to take a guess at late 90's, possibly early 2000's.
  5. pop a picture up, always helps
  6. When did you go? I know I was looking at one in October - It was Wifes birthday and why I would have gotten a divorce if I spent more on me
  7. When it is open again, take a trip to Bicester Shopping Village - There is a TAG shop and the collection is somewhat random. Minimum you will get is 20% below retail if they have it in, as that is a requirement of putting stock into Bicester, and there will be haggle room there as well. I ws about 3 minutes and a divorce away from buying a Zenith in there (right hand side of the TAG boutique) last time I was there.
  8. fancied one of these for a while, Watch hut had 2 in stock and 25% off
  9. Casioak for me - rare outing as I love it, but no visible second hand is a pain in the neck
  10. If you are close enough, Bicester Village has a great Hamilton Clearence shop
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