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  1. Sorry- airport shorthand. Which bit shall I translate?
  2. So, winging my way to Bangalore, sat in the BA lounge having just hit WoS and the Rolex shop, before the other DFs. Rolex had no men’s watches at all, not a single one. Even the precious metal ones were missing. WoS not much better, but the prices were high, and not moving beyond the VAT on anything - looked at the Tudor Rsnge, Longines Hydroconquest and a couple of Omega Seamasters, but I could get better prices on the high street. had a quick bash through regular DF looking for the GA2100, no joy there either. here is hoping BGL duty free is better.
  3. I hate smart watches almost as much as doctor google. i have been to so many ‘Cardiac Emergency’ calls because Fitbit/Apple Watch/insert other brands here< said I had a fast heart rate and should see a doctor...so of ourse, that means call an Ambulance. My personal favorite was the cardiac arrest I was sent to, to be presented with Chinese £5 smart watch with ‘heart beat sensor’ - guess what, it wasn’t working, and Dr Google told the patient that no heartbeat meant that they were in Cardiac Arrest. So a panicked 999 call reporting a witnessed arrest - every man and his dog was sent to that one.... one day, I will write a book explaining that Darwin was wrong and these people slip through.... natural selection isn’t working!
  4. Not as many times as the wife has ‘told’ me no more watches
  5. Stop it! Stop It!, won’t somebody think of the children!
  6. Not sure about these, but there should be some interesting things coming out as part of the anniversary celebrations
  7. If you do decide to buy one, message me as I found a Swiss Ebay guy £312 inc shipping, not surprise import duties as Switzerland part of the common trade thing, though not the EU it should be arriving Friday, pics will be posted and reviews given
  8. I love the Tudors, much prettier than the equivalent Rolex’s (Rolexi?) nice watch
  9. I really like the grey, more so than the green, hoping for some Bangalore Airport Bargains
  10. It seems to be half pilot/half explorer, especially with the Outdoor monika
  11. RRP £1230, - 20% walking in discount, -10% haggle discount.... should get these for £800
  12. I Really like the Grey version....... what what Duty Free Gems I might uncover next week....
  13. After months of indecision, took the plunge and pulled the trigger on one of these.... the more I look and read, the more excited I get. Hoping it arrives before I leave for India
  14. I had the same conversation with a corporate sales type who was looking at my watch, and comparing it to his Hong Kong Special. the look on his face when I pointed out that living and working in London, drawing that much attention and getting stabbed up for his toy probably made it a bit less of a bargain
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