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  1. I would, given the flood of 'Kickstarter' projects now, it has killed the sector. 'Oh look, another Chinese bodge job'
  2. The blooming suitcase that comes with a Speedmaster?
  3. LIP often to br found on `bay as HP. there are some really nice older ones, anything more recent is a bit pants
  4. Simples Speedmaster, Seamaster Explorer 1 (Or Tudor Ranger) that’s your entire watch requirement ever, covered
  5. Davey - PM me if you fancy it - I need a second hand for manual Pulse and Resp rate so this gets hardly any wrist time
  6. Bricey, I have the white on Black - Like it a lot, but I am considering letting it go as the laclk of a Seconds hand is killing me
  7. I wasn't a fan of the north flag, I did like the Ranger though, and that went before Christmas... Not liking the Tudor direction, I wonder how long it will be before we see wait lists for those too, and the 3 new Daytonas that Rolex just dropped are silly money and no Steels...
  8. No Ranger update I am so annoyed that I didn't pull the trigger when I saw one for sale before the plague took
  9. Probably not that valuable in the big scheme, but rare - 2003 Hamilton tie in with the movie SWAT, worn on screen along with the first versions of the SureShot. Titanium body, PVD bezel ring, Red 12, 6, and 3 indicies, and the original had the first Khaki Field rubber strap (Long since replaced) My beater since 2003, but I love it and its the only watch my daughter wants from my collection
  10. I actually really like this - It has the vintage look but modern/larger size - If you want a retro/mod this would be a good choice - OR` the Longines Skindiver.....
  11. Timex Navi XL Auto - found for around £135 new. very deep green and I quite like it
  12. There are still people who will clear out Grandpa's old junk - if it doesn't say Rolex or look Gold, it will go in the charity shop bag. My daughters boyfriend got a nice Tissot from a charity shop in the Peak District a couple of years ago. Paid £10 for it
  13. that is way too pretty for you, I think you should donate it... seriously, that is a really nice looking piece.
  14. for a stock buy like this, hit any main jewellers like Beaverbrooks etc - if you don't get 10% off for asking, go to the next one 20% is doable.
  15. Orient Outdoor, very much an Explorer vibe - Roy is selling one I belieb]ve
  16. If you are new to this game - and it is a game - if you are not really sure what you like yet, then Used Ebay is your friend. There are some higher priced Skeletons out there, but there are some bargains as well - There are a couple of Circa £25 Sthurlings on Ebay when I had a look. The fantastic thing about watcheds in this price range is that it is no real pain if you decide you don't like them, and withe the Skeleton Style, there is not a massive demand driving 2nd hand prices up. The Skeleton look is a relatively niche look - Not for me, but if you like it, more power to your elbow
  17. My brother and I were actually together in the same room for the first time in a year Having a watch compare, he has the Daytona, the Speedy is mine - We were discussing that even though they are essentially the same watch type (Sports Chrono) they make a handsome pair and actually in the Money No Object world, you would want to own 2 as a pair.
  18. hold and wait, Plague house clearouts will bring some interesting stuff to Car boots, Charity and junk shops once the world starts turning again.
  19. if it is on the 'Bay, you can be pretty sure that they have already looked at fixing it and it was either a) Beyond the sellers ability, or B) too expensive to make it worth while to have it fixed and sold as working. Unless you know what you are doing, or prepared to learn on this one and throw it in the bin (or resell it as 'not working' on eBay) , leave alone
  20. Looks like a map of the Nurberg ring is that your running challenge?? looks good though, very nice face
  21. Longines Hydroconquest, all day long. Think it fills your requirements perfectly OR, Hamilton Khaki Field, that has been my go to watch for 18yrs
  22. Hey Roy, I see you have posted one for sale? Did you not like it in the end? Still my 2nd fave watch
  23. Depends, normal day, pick a suitable watch and wear it all day. Weekend? Start with something, decide to do something other than sit around, so go change into suitable clothing and watch, come back change again (including watch) Get told off for swapping watches so sneak off and swap again, just to make it worth while
  24. as previously stated, youngest daughter wants the Hamilton, all the rest, not bothered.
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