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  1. you forgot 'Can i get away with it if the boss notices?'
  2. If you decide (wrongly) on Breitling, I suggest a trip out to Bicester Shopping village, the discounts there are pretty good. I can't tell you exactly (but normally 15-20%) straight off, more if you haggle. Boss wouldn't let me near the watch shops last time we went though....
  3. Great watch, i went with a Speedy for my 50th, took me a year to make my mind up!
  4. My understanding with Chrono24 and the other brokers, if you buy from a registered dealer, rather than a private seller, there is a safety net of various degrees available. Many deals are brand new with papers, so you have manufacturers warranty if needed. If it is an older/vintage watch, then that risk is there where ever your buy from.
  5. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic Green Watches out there, and not trying to take anything away from them, but has Green as a ‘Fashion’ for watches come to an end do you think?
  6. so over the last couple of years, everyone seems to have jumped on the green dial/bezel bandwagon. Is its still a thing? are things moving to a different colour? Grey? Is Blue coming back? Pink with yellow spots?
  7. what exactly are you looking for? someone on here might know of something or someone in particular
  8. what are you after? if it is basic non-high brand vintage, ebay is as good as anywhere. for high value watches, the usual suspects (Chrono24 etc) independent dealers, specialised forums.... Live Davey said, what are you looking for? give us a clue
  9. I can't get excited about a watch that I can't buy, even if i wanted to. Rolex are pushing the wrong way, the modern influencers and money people want to see something original or meaningful other than 'We have always been here' - look at the Save The Ocean runs etc..
  10. Funny enough, I was only talking to someone this week. My Orient Star Outdoor has a 50hr power reserve, but seems to last up to 60 sometimes. the Orient Raven is meant to have 40, bit seems to only last 30-34
  11. The Explorers club is just that, a club for Explorers:) they fund expeditions with grants, gifts, business etc, and apply for both a flag and a watch when the trip is approved
  12. https://apple.news/AMeS2iyLxQea3Q6iGnNoacQ Loved this story
  13. https://postimg.cc/CZVB35dp https://postimg.cc/xkqv3Nrn https://postimg.cc/qNgHpxh8 Sorry, image insert playing up for me again..... Roy, as promised, a couple of shots of mine now I am home. It is a stunning watch and I had forgotten how pretty the display back was. £312 I paid for mine, the same place has them at £350(ish) now.
  14. I have the black, love it. I cant post pictures as i am on my walking hols and only took my G-Shock for yomping across hills really, really nice, my fave daily wearer. I found a really nice guy on the bay that gets them through Switzerland for a jolly nice price. If you want his details, PM me, as I don’t want to break the advertising rules! No affiliation other than i used them for Milne and they were great. Strap is comfortable, accurate, really nice on the wrist. 70/80 hrs power reserve. Does 3 days (ish). Hack able.....i really cant say enough good things about this watc
  15. Top chap who made me feel most welcome:) congrats
  16. You can buy box and paper sets on AliExpress- all the better to make your fake ‘used’ watch look like a well kept bargain.
  17. Lucky enough to have met a few characters like this! One was a positively charming chap, would tell you stories that you would thought were actually episodes of the Sweeney! bumped into his wife one day and asked how 'Dave' was getting on - she was telling me fine, but was on remand for Bullion Fraud, he had hoped for bail, but when the police presented the court with his 4 fake passports, the judge decided he was a flight risk! I remember a long evening discussing the finer points of turning over armoured vehicles and where the weak points were in the 70's and 80's.... last i heard, he was ou
  18. Thanks Scott, sorry didn't think to provide the link. nothing but love for the forum and was trying to be good citizen - just couldn't think who to shout from the admin team!
  19. I have noticed a couple of deals that are too good to be true. the sellers are resurrected ids that last posted 2008/2009 - the speedy is the second one in recent weeks.
  20. Thanks all, yes, tried the Hydro on in Bangalore duty free, loved it but they were being dicks about the price - wanted more than an AD back in the UK, even including DF! i shall leave it till next week i think
  21. So, magic money fairy came and visited, £1500 sat in the bank... if you follow my ramblings, you will know that I have a serious need for the Grey Hydroconquest in my life, or maybe the skin/heritage diver, or maybe one of the Oris divers..... anyway, what’s the general consensus on buy now or wait? Apart from not wanting to do the AD dance around Milton Keynes, are these watches in the £1k-£1500 bracket going to get some price cuts? Vat reduction? Clearance for new models before Xmas? Bite the bullet and go shopping or hand for another few months?
  22. I suffer mine, I like it, but the lack of a proper second hand gets on my nerves. I think I am going to sell mine.
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