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  1. Okay after a while of googling with the serial number i found a pdf and other links. So the first 4 letters is the movement and this watch uses 3s10 (3510) miyota (citizen?). And found some cheaper and some more expensive watches using this. From 50 to 200$
  2. Okay thanks for the answer. In the pictures in flickr are the numbers from the back of the case if it helps.
  3. Helloo! So i found an old Citizen Chronograph titanium wr100 which belong to my father. I took it to watch store to get the battery changed. He said that the watch hasn't been used in 15 to 20 years because the battery that wasn't supposed to leak had leaked. Despite trying to put in new battery we got no response. The watch has 3 small dials and the regular dial and day number. The watch store guy said that to change new movement for the watch would cost 250$. Does it really cost that much and is there any way to get it cheaper? Where can i get the new movement? Am i able to change it myself (i have some experience but am newbie)? https://www.flickr.com/photos/182760756@N05/48329531482/in/dateposted-public/
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