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  1. My opinion isn't worth much, but the ones I've seen recently have gone for around £1200 minimum. It looks a good buy to me.
  2. You can get discount at certain ADs if your employer offers some kind of discount. I get 14% off at Goldsmiths but my mate gets 30% off at earnest Jones. They've already asked for me and they've agreed they can order it at the discounted price but I'll have to sit on the waiting list. I haven't decided yet but the watch comes in under £2k.
  3. Just spotted this as well https://www.lowryjewellers.com/watches-c1/seiko-mens-prospex-padi-solar-strap-watch-snj027p1-p13984 prospex padi. Not my thing but looks a good price at £320
  4. Thanks Jonny, really handy to know. It's a case of not what you know....
  5. I've heard of him and looked at his site. Already on my bookmarks
  6. It's these people that I'm looking to target to be honest. I was initially set on buying a new watch but there are so many 'perfect' pre-owned watches,it feels daft to look at new when there is so much choice out there. The only thing I need to do is spend some time in a couple of shops to try them on for size/liking. Which website did you buy your pre-owned from?
  7. @Richard734 which shipping choice did you take and did you have to pay any extra charges when it arrived?
  8. Lovely watch.... and interesting read tbh. thanks for sharing
  9. Howdy, welcome.... friendly bunch in here
  10. ouch, £45 for a link. I didn't expect it to be that much
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