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  1. Does anyone have any information on dating Accurist by the script? I have these two, amongst others, but don't know which script is oldest. Great article by the way
  2. I sent an email to Accurist asking for any information on dating their watches and got this reply. Dear Steve I am sorry but we took over Accurist watches in 2014 and unfortunately we do not have history or information on the watches Please accept our apologies Regards Does anyone have any information at all?
  3. Hi, what type do you use, what are the best optically? I've tried a few, but keep going back to an old school type that you grip in your eye. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know anything about these watches? I'm guessing they're promotional items. I picked this up on Ebay, it has a couple of problems, but nothing serious. I really like the design of it.
  5. This is every day watch at the moment. I've just bought these two, which are on their way.
  6. Thank you, that sounds right, I bought it from Ebay and the date was about 20 days off. Is that something that can be fixed or does it need replacing? If it's not possible I can just reset it every night.
  7. I've just realised that it starts to lose time at around 22.45 just as the date starts to move. Once it gets past a certain point moving the date wheel, it goes back to keeping good time. I guess it needs a clean.
  8. Sometimes overnight on the table, sometimes when I'm wearing it in the evening. It's odd that it always 30 min, then it stays 30 off for hours.
  9. My old Accurist keeps really good time, but suddenly loses 30 min. Always 3o min then keeps good time again. Any ideas? I'm trying to post a photo, but it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Does anyone have any information about dating Accurist watches? I've looked online any can't find much. I've just bought what I think is a fairly early one, with the italic script logo and 21 jewels, antimagnetic and Swiss written on the face It seems to have changed over the years to the modern one Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. I wasn't sure as it says early electric watches. Thanks for the information, is it possible to take the day\date wheels from the old movement and swap them to the new one? Apart from that they're identical.
  11. Hi, I'm not sure where to post a question about digital watch problems. I bought a new movement for an old Accurist I've had for years, but because the winder is at the 4 position and not the 3 the day/date doesn't line up in the window which is at 3. Do I have the wrong movement or can I adjust it? Thanks.
  12. Hi, thanks for signing me up. I'm new to working on watches. I'm a marine diesel engineer by trade, but I've always been fascinated by anything mechanical. I need new hobby and I've always liked the idea f rebuilding watches. Such incredible engineering in such a small space.
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