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  1. Hi there Simon,Received the balance staffs Ronda 3026 but, unfortunately the shoulder that the balance wheel sits on is much too small and the roller table shoulder is sloped not flat but the length of the shaft is fine.Still I have purchased a watchmakers Lorch lathe and all the accessories so I am going to attempt to turn a shaft myself.Will keep you posted on the outcome.Regards, Sethnettles.
  2. Hi Simon, Many thanks for your help and reply I will order this from Cousins website and try it into my movement.Still haven't figured out how to post a reply to you or anyone else.It seems that the replies that I am posting go back to myself!!Regards, Sethnettles.
  3. Many thanks for all your help with posting photos but this is much too complicated for me to even contemplate attempting so I will have to just struggle with trying to get the information required from the internet.If it was like the Gmail set up just clicking on a paperclip to send a photo or file I can do that but I can't even find out how to reply to anyone who has sent me a reply as this site is very hard to navigate.Regards, Sethnettles.
  4. Hi there Many thanks for your reply,As I have taken up tinkering with watches since retiring I am unfamiliar with the terms used.I have measured the movement diameter and it is 44.55 mm.So I don't know what calibre this is.The measurements for the balance staff are as follows. A=5.58 B=2.65 G=0.6 J=1.30 K=0.97 I hope this is of help to you as I'm struggling to get to grips with all this numbering.Regards Sethnettles.
  5. Hi there,I have a pocket watch with a broken balance staff and would like to know what size,number etc I need to replace the broken one.I have removed the broken one, taken off the hairspring, balance wheel and roller.I have also managed to press out the broken staff and have measured it with a digital Vernier caliper.I have made a drawing with all the dimensions of the old staff but I don't know how to post it on this forum as I don't know what this Insert from URL means???? If anyone can tell me how to post a photo then I will gladly do so.Regards Seth.
  6. Hi there can anyone tell me what a non automatic mainspring end is?? I am trying to get a mainspring with a hole at the arbour end and what Cousins list as a "Normal Bridle" at the barrel end but on their website I cannot find the one I require.There is one listed exactly the same size that I require but it has a non automatic end and I am not sure what this is?? Is it like the normal hook type end could someone please advise me.Many thanks.
  7. Hi there Many thanks for your reply's I have a photo of the movement in situ but I don't know how to post it onto this site as I don't know what this "Insert image from URL" means so if I can attach a photo easily I will do so.Regards Sethnettles.
  8. Hi there can anyone help me on how to remove the movement of a pocket watch from the case.I have retired and have taken up tinkering with watches as a hobby and I have a silver pocket watch that appears to have a broken mainspring as you can keep winding and it doesn't store any power.Also when releasing the click there is no power in the mainspring barrel.I cannot see any case screws or anything that holds the movement into the case and I need to remove the movement to replace the mainspring any help would be great.Many thanks,Sethnettles.
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