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  1. ^^ That's the one I've been looking at. I originally started looking at a quartz, but although more 'set and forget' practical I find them a bit boring.
  2. Ah thanks for the heads up, I'll have a look for it - it sounds exactly what I'm after. It's also good to know the Hamiltons are considered to be good too. I like the military heritage with the Hamilton's but it wouldn't be enough on its own to make me buy one.
  3. Hi, I've been looking at the above watch as a belated 40th birthday present (for me) from my other half. I have a couple of field style watches already - a Seiko automatic SNZG15J and a Citizen BM8180 but was thinking of getting something with possibly a bit more longevity given that it's a gift - something I can keep and possibly pass down the line. I'm guessing the mechanical Hamilton would fit the bill, but I'm a bit worried about the 50m waterproofing amongst other things. How good is it for every day practicality (not swimming etc, just rain/outdoor use)? Also, I'm wondering about the overall quality of Hamiltons and their lifespan; is it unrealistic to expect a watch in this price range to outlast me?! I'm not completely sold on the brand, but like smaller watches and am struggling with an apparent lack of choice. Thanks for any help given, much appreciated.
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