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  1. Hi everyone, very excited to share this one! I'm the founder of Akura Timepieces in Dundee (project was intially part of a DJCAD residency). This is my first watch, the Wayfarer. It's a 10mm thin all custom design that comes with a bracelet. Sapphire sandwich, Miyota 9015 powered (hence the thinness). Features an inner rotating compass bezel a la Alpinist with count-up seconds markers. The devil is in the details with the Wayfarer, with a multilayered 3D dial with a concave outer layer, and a neat mixed finish case: ^ Wrist shot by @collector.101 5 colours overall, the blue and white are stretch-goals: A lot of lume as well: The main design philosophy is to create something for enthusiasts that works as a great addition to existing collections. Hence some 'rarer' colour options, and it being an expedition watch. Currently comes with an optional calskin leather strap included as well, at no added charge (Still 44 left). The price is £399 + shipping. Note that the quality is a step above from what you usually find on KS, it's expensive to make, this one. My supplier is in Hong Kong (Studio Divine). After QC, the Wayfarer will be shipping out by January 2020. Doing the Kickstarter to remain independent: Link to campaign -> Pre-order via Kickstarter Happy to answer any questions you may have! Hope this on resonates with you! Review: wristwatchreview.uk
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