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  1. Hi, im hoping there are some Longines experts out there that can help me with this, At the weekend I received a Longines Watch that my wifes late grandfather received on his 21st Birthday, As it was his 21st I can date this as being 1951 but other than that I don't know anything, Although we are curious as to its value its not really important as I will hand this down to my son when hes older, but id love to know a bit of history behind it Heres the watch face - There isn't anything on the back so I don't know if it was made that way or whether there was text that has worn away with wear Any help that can be given would be gratefully received
  2. Afternoon All, Just a quick hello from me, ive been browsing these forums for years whenever i need any info but have a question I havent been able to solve with a simple google search (ill post it in the appropriate place) I've loved watched for years and although I can afford anything particularly expensive I do have a nice little collection of watches ive found interesting or that have some kind of sentimental value to me, Off the top of my head the watches I currently own are..... (Apologies that I can remember all the model names/numbers) Sentimental Watches Fossil Speedway (18th Birthday present) Armani Exchange (Gift for photographing my cousins wedding) Laurens (Purchased from italy on my honeymoon) Casio Waveceptor (Inherited from my step grandfather) Hugo Boss Orange (Fathers day gift) Longines (This is the one I need help with!) Quirky Watches that I just took a liking too Storm - Just liked the really chunky brown leather strap A wooden watch - Because its a Wooden watch!!! Chinese skeleton watch off ebay - Loved the look of it Replicas (Please dont ban me!) REMOVED At the last count I actually had 20 watches so there are some that i've forgotten about, ill probably update this when I remember which ones im missing! Despite all these though I actually wear a smart watch day to day as I use it for tracking steps etc (trying to loose some weight)
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