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  1. Haha, yes I suppose so; a constant reminder that the weekend is but a fleeting relief in an otherwise constant grind
  2. Thank you OP, I love a good complications rant. Why would I need to know the day of the week when diving? Actially thinking about it, the only time I forget what day it is, is on holiday, which is also the only time I'd be diving. Even so, date would suffice. Far more useful when under the surface is a power reserve: Thinking about only diving on holiday, I suppose a GMT could be justified: Aside from divers, I appreciate complications, but have little interest minute repeaters, perpetual calendars etc. What I do like is when complication is implemen
  3. Although I'm not a fan of cushion cases, this is one of the watches that stood out for me at W&W2021. I like the discrete date window and the colouring, and the flash of colour on the second hand.
  4. It's a bit like having sporty low profile wheels on a Land Rover; they look cool and probably fine for your use, but still a contradiction that I couldn't get past.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Careful magnet experiment coming up!
  6. Going through my late Dad's things, I found this ladies' watch in a dresser. I'd love to restore it for my wife to wear. As you can see, it is pretty corroded, and the crown is missing. Gently winding by pushing the ratchet wheel, it starts , but not for long. What material do you think the case is made from? Silver wouldn't corrode like that would it? Here I have rubbed some Brasso to see what's underneath Inadvertently rotated the entire thing in the case while pushing the ratchet wheel. I love the number style and the intricate hands, and the index ma
  7. As someone who lives within walking distance of Upton hall, this is very interesting. Hoping for lockdown easing soon!
  8. I always thought an open date window was so that the date could always be read (or inferred) regardless of where the minute hand was.
  9. Edit, too early in the morning- I read chronometer, but registered chronograph. Anyway, this is both.
  10. This comes in on budget - The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Racer Chronograph https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/collections/sports-watches/products/ball-watch-company-engineer-hydrocarbon-racer-chronograph-cm2198c-s1cj-sl
  11. Thank you @Karruselfor the info and pictures; I can't wait to have a look round.
  12. We are moving house this month and as it turns out, we will live ten minutes' cycle from the BHI in Upton. Of course I intend to go to the museum (albeit on my own as I've been unsuccesful in my attempts to sell it to the family) but was interested in hearing about people's experiences with their other courses or things to see and do. As a hobbyist rather than a budding career watchmaker, what's good to do? The 'make your own watch' looks interesting but details are sparse on what you come away with. Any recommendations/experiences welcome. That's the BHI by th
  13. Ah, MOP, I thought it was grubby lens and bad photography Although I'd go for a black dial and bezel, that watch has the style and proportions I like in a dive watch. Did it seem well made in the short time you had it?
  14. I like the CW on the strap and the Deep Blue looks good, although hard to see the dial properly in that pic.
  15. Obviously the looks are subjective, but I'd go for the Omega as the big roman numerals don't do it for me. If I were to go forba rectangular watch it would be a Reverso. What I can say is that the DeVille is great. Mine keeps good time, the feel and finish are superb. Aesthetically I think they have that difficult balance of looking striking without being flashy.
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