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  1. I used to really like the concept and look of the Ressence. The spell broke when I realised that the white on black aesthetics and hand symbol remind me of an 80s car dashboard. They should do one with a choke.
  2. A bracelet! I just don't like them. Luckily they are easily swappable, so I could keep the watch and swap to a nice rubber (casual) or leather (formal) strap. There are several watches I love, but would be reluctant to wear in public, such as the Ulysse Nardin Freak Out or the Omega Ploprof.
  3. Looks gorgeous! I would have advised the black, but those close ups of the white are lovely! Re. the lume - does the entire minute hand not light up rather that just the tip?
  4. My everyday 'beater' activity tracker Suunto today. Wears quite well for a 50mm case I think.
  5. The Ploprof is so ludicrously chunkily over-engineered. I love it
  6. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the standard Seamasters have the sword hands, and the Planet Ocean range have the arrow hands.
  7. Taking a day off furlough DIY today, so on goes the DeVille Chronograph
  8. Thanks for the interesting look at a lovely watch. Did you say it was automatic? I'd expect to see a winding rotor somewhere!
  9. Thanks for all the recommendations folks. Your input has led to the purchase of this Casio which she loves. The blue is mirrored and not always as bright as the pic suggests. Half price at £22: Thanks especially to @Davey P for the kind offer of the Lorus, a very kind gesture, but she fell in love with this one
  10. Thanks very much Mr P! I'll run it past my daughter and get back to you
  11. Thanks. Baby G is on my radar. Even they might be too large. Chunky styling is fine, as long as it's in proportion. I'm off to try and find some wrist shots on Baby Gs on slim wrists Edit, just had a measure and she has 5" wrists
  12. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for a watch for my daughter. The main reason is that she needs an alarm that's not on her phone. She is eleven, and has very slim wrists (but in proportion to the rest of her, she's not huge with skinny wrists :D) I'm open to any format or style. She's not especially 'girly' nor a tomboy, and likes muted/pastel colours over bright bold ones. Budget? Maybe up to £100 for one I know will last. I'd consider used also. A long battery life would be a life would be preferable. Thanks in advance, CB
  13. Thanks for the article; so it's possible that a 'fake HE valve' is in all probability more beneficial than a real one
  14. There are probably only about 500 divers in the world who would be able to put a helium escape valve to the test. What are the chances that some companies have just engraved a little circle on the side of the case and hope never to be rumbled?
  15. I thought that the concept was ok, if a bit hipster. I'd maybe have paid £15 for one, had the time been adjustable on it! Quite admirable how they have presented its many fundamental flaws as quirky assets. "Solid State Watch is a Casio F-91W movement permanently cast into a transparent resin case. It's in there forever. No buttons, no functions, no light, fully waterproof and no changing that 10 year battery. It just tells time"
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