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  1. Thank you @Karruselfor the info and pictures; I can't wait to have a look round.
  2. We are moving house this month and as it turns out, we will live ten minutes' cycle from the BHI in Upton. Of course I intend to go to the museum (albeit on my own as I've been unsuccesful in my attempts to sell it to the family) but was interested in hearing about people's experiences with their other courses or things to see and do. As a hobbyist rather than a budding career watchmaker, what's good to do? The 'make your own watch' looks interesting but details are sparse on what you come away with. Any recommendations/experiences welcome. That's the BHI by th
  3. Ah, MOP, I thought it was grubby lens and bad photography Although I'd go for a black dial and bezel, that watch has the style and proportions I like in a dive watch. Did it seem well made in the short time you had it?
  4. I like the CW on the strap and the Deep Blue looks good, although hard to see the dial properly in that pic.
  5. Obviously the looks are subjective, but I'd go for the Omega as the big roman numerals don't do it for me. If I were to go forba rectangular watch it would be a Reverso. What I can say is that the DeVille is great. Mine keeps good time, the feel and finish are superb. Aesthetically I think they have that difficult balance of looking striking without being flashy.
  6. I seem to remember reading that the popularity for green watches is partly driven by the fact that green is seen as a lucky colour in China. This has been on my wishlist for years, although it's pretty big so I'd never buy blind
  7. Top centre for me. I like the simplicity. Personally I'm not keen on the name Time Factor, but other than that, if it was on a rubber strap, I'd be very interested at the right price.
  8. Thanks. Yes, calibre 3313, 28800 per minute. Apparently the earlier versions of these had some issues (chronograph not resetting properly, although mine was faultless). Nonetheless, when it went to Omega for a service, they upgraded to the later improved version just to be sure.
  9. H20! I've been racking my brains trying to remember this brand, thanks! Love the look of these. How do those big lugs feel/sit on the wrist? Its the weekend! No dusty work, so on with the Deville Chrono
  10. New cheapo strap for the Suunto. Not quite sure yet as it's nowhere near as fitted as the proper one, but nice for a change and lots of ventilation for the summer.
  11. Yeah, it was a bit tongue in cheek - most dive watches rarely get wet! Personally, I like a dive watch to have no superfluous features: Easily readable, lots of lume, unidirectional bezel, decent water resistance, time, seconds and maybe power reserve. Not many like that about Come to think of it, saturation divers can spend up to four weeks in a compression tank. Maybe a day function would be handy after all. I take it all back.
  12. Day function! I know what day it is without having to check. This is especially ludicrous on a dive watch; has any diver ever in the history of diving been exploring the sea bed and suddenly thought "I wonder what day it is today"?
  13. I used to really like the concept and look of the Ressence. The spell broke when I realised that the white on black aesthetics and hand symbol remind me of an 80s car dashboard. They should do one with a choke.
  14. A bracelet! I just don't like them. Luckily they are easily swappable, so I could keep the watch and swap to a nice rubber (casual) or leather (formal) strap. There are several watches I love, but would be reluctant to wear in public, such as the Ulysse Nardin Freak Out or the Omega Ploprof.
  15. Looks gorgeous! I would have advised the black, but those close ups of the white are lovely! Re. the lume - does the entire minute hand not light up rather that just the tip?
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