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  1. I definitely need a beater. A good proportion of my time is spent in a dusty workshop subjecting my watch to vibrations and shunts. When not there I'm often doing DIY, gardening or falling off my mountain bike. I definitely need a beater.
  2. I'd get the JLC over the Cartier every time : the design is understated, yet beautifully art deco. The Tank, although much nicer than the Santos in my eyes, doesn't have that distinctive character of the Reverso. And I don't like the big roman numerals
  3. That Aqua Terra on rubber strap is gorgeous! That would definitely be my choice from your list.
  4. "Doxa - sub £1k divers" The sub 200 scrapes in at under a grand. The rest are a fair chunk above that.
  5. I'm seriously considering one of these (in satin case). How are you getting on with it?
  6. Stunner! Which model is that please? Off to the Bramley Apple Festival (I have no idea either)
  7. Today will be full of waterslides, plunge pools and rapids
  8. Reverso Gran Sport My other suggestion would be the new Yachtmaster. You'll get a slap on the wrist if you call that a strap though - it's an "Oysterflex Bracelet".
  9. Ok, I know it's another budget Sub. However, Seiko NH35 automatic movement, sapphire, ceramic bezel. 41mm no date. All for £134 Anyone have any experience of these? https://www.watchshop.com/watches/depth-charge-watch-db106611.pdp
  10. Welcome to the forum Corwhin
  11. Welcome to the forum. I can't see any pictures. Tell us a bit about yourself in this thread, then head over to the clock forum to start a specific thread about your alarm clock. Using a hosting site like Postimages works well for pictures.
  12. I think it usually is, but measuring accurate time with one would be tricky, unless it has an indicator and dial (as some do)
  13. It's like an aerial photo of the Arc De Triomphe
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