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  1. Member 991 thanks for your email and advice. If anyone wants to have the watch I will gladly give it away for the cost of postage.
  2. I have a ladies Junghans Art Deco wrist watch, which whilst ticking the hands do not move. However the hands do move when turning the winder. The face has a 12 & 6 then marks ? esta On the back 40 mickrons Waltzgold. Dugena. Face badly marked.On a clip on gold coloured Plorgalv France jXc Securite Brevette
  3. Boots, thanks for your welcoming message. I’m not sure how much to spend on getting it repaired. I have had the watch from a sale among other things. I would sell the watch repaired If it would be economical to do so. Do you know anything about this maker? Next thing is to send photos to your friend for guesstimate. Thanks again for your interest. Keith.
  4. Hi, I have found a Lever Sportsman’s wrist watch. It has a round face, in two different circular tones of colour. It ha a very small second hand at the bottom placed inside the bottom ring of colour. Either side is foreign made A huge winder with a very fine pin into the watch. It appears to be made in a dull brass coloured metal. Inside is a brass movement, a cover is missing and part of the moment beneath. It is not working. Question is it worth spending money on. Keith Lockwood.
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