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  1. I tried both the Omega Railmaster and Speedmaster on having already made up my mind that I wasn't really a fan of either and I loved both- on the flip side I've lusted over IWC pilots watches for a while but was really let down seeing one in the flesh. That being said it's the Top Gun editions(s) that I really like and I've not tried one on yet...
  2. I bought a Tag Heuer from them and had a perfect buying experience. Without a doubt not shipped from the UK but the communication was good and the watch was presented very well, with warranty (honoured as well upon battery issue). They also give discounts occasionally to use which is good...!
  3. Thanks all, I've only worn it a few times so far as don't want to shun my other watches based on value alone but it hasn't disappointed me! My only criticism is that the flat crystal is very reflective compared to my others which are all domed so you don't instantly get hit by the immaculate details on the dial due to reflections in bright light, but it's hardly an issue! The lume is bonkers- it shines so bright it is often visible during the day and never have to "force" charge it, plus it lasts for ages. The easylink adjustment is a great addition too. I'm still surprised by how hard sports and professional watches are to obtain in AD's when they are full of gold dress watches- it should really be the opposite way around!
  4. Morning all, my wife needs a new battery in her Cartier Tank Solo, a service would be good as well and a clean up (it is used all the time and shows it!) She has no intention of selling it so I don't believe it needs a dealer service if there is a good alternative anyone can suggest? We live on the Essex/Suffolk border but obviously it can be posted. If anyone has any suggestions it would be great
  5. So after weighing up IWC and Omegas for the last few weeks/months, I settled on the one that got me into watches in the first place, a 214270 Explorer It's a year old and has barely any marks, I would have bought new but could not find any in stock and this also came with a saving. It's my first Rolex and couldn't be happier with the precise finish, weight and overall appearance! The rotor spins so smooth it makes my work Seiko sound like a wood saw every time it moves! Now I've got to save for the rhodium datejust that I fancy TC
  6. I was actually wondering about this the other day- i.e. washing up or showering with a watch on. I know the depth rating is proof of pressure resistance, but with any "washing", the soap or detergent breaks down the surface tension of the water making it more likely to creep through seals etc. I'd like to bet that a watch with a 10 bar pressure rating would not survive 10 bar with detergent/soap/chemical in the mix. Salt should not affect the metals used in anything decent, or the seals- in my opinion!
  7. I like that a lot- I keep looking at the 24h Poljot because of the dial but now there is a nicer option!!!
  8. Sorry my image has disappeared- if anyone can- please replace the link!
  9. Same as yesterday, Seiko weldmaster!
  10. I've just managed to read through this and the link above (once translated!) is a great read, thank you again for this.
  11. The suede strap turned up and although the finish isn't bad, it is far thicker than the 1.2mm stated by the seller. Usually this wouldn't be a bad thing but being a NATO and sitting on two layers- the watch is 4-5mm off my wrist which is far too much and doesn't look right. I can return it however- is there a way of compressing or thinning suede that anyone knows of? if that is possible then it needs to be aged as well which will be the next question!
  12. That looks exactly like the one I just won for £33, if it looks good in the flesh I can't see it being a mistake. Mainly I'm still gutted I got outbid on a nice old Longines one recently and trying to make up for it I think!
  13. I know this is an older thread but I too am wondering, perhaps due to a flash ebay purchase They certainly seem to suffer from severe depreciation given the reasonable new costs...
  14. Thanks again, will trawl through when I get a chance later!
  15. No problem, thanks for your input. This is exactly why I like forums like this, and glad my love for the occasional unusual and unloved watch wasn't shot down!
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