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  1. Thank you very much for that link- a great little read. Google apparently has 20,700,000 results for J.W.Benson so I'm not sure what I thought I looked for previously The caseback has lots of small flats (like a 16ish sided nut), would this point to it being screw on or are these just detail on a press fit back?
  2. Thanks all, I have just looked on the Omega website and it says the cost of a service (for non-chronograph mechanical) should be £450, by the sound of it this covers component replacement etc if that sounds right? I'll contact them anyway. This was a complete surprise, my favorite watch is another of his (my grandfathers) which was his "war watch". It was posted out to him by his parents as a 21st birthday present whilst he was serving as a desert rat in the Sahara, during the campaign he realised that he had lost it so took a vehicle back to the camp they had just left and couldn't find it anywhere. He kicked the sand in frustration and lo and behold the watch flew up! It had a considerable amount of sand inside so I doubt it worked, but sure enough it came back with him and it still works following a service several years ago. Unfortunately 1. the person who serviced it did not do a great job IMO as the crown has never felt quite right, and 2. we did not ask them to keep the sand that came out of it. I still have the box for this too with the name of the jeweler who sold it but I couldn't find anything online about them when I last looked. I very much doubt the watch has any monetary value but as with heirlooms it is priceless to me and will never be sold, here it is, I also have the accompanying note from my grandmother explaining the story etc! All it says on the caseback is J.W.Benson London. I've never opened it but maybe I should to see if there is anything marked inside!
  3. Good morning all. During a cleaning session, my mum found a small red box in the back of a drawer that she had completely forgotten about- it turns out that was supposed to be given to me almost 20 years ago after my grandparents died. It contains the Omega Geneve that my grandfather was given by his brother-in-law in the early 70's, who was a jeweller of some kind in Hatton Garden back in the 60's. Having turned the crown a few times it runs, though is no doubt in need of a service! Anyway- I thought I'd share a few pics, I'm really glad to have it and hoping I may get some use out of it! Judging by the state of the outside it has had a LOT of use over the years, and after resting for 20 years it's time to get it working again! After a lot of effort I managed to open the caseback- in the end it took 10 minutes of warming on the aga followed by an ice cube on the caseback before it gave in and still took some grunt to get it to shift! I have only done a tiny amount of research but I gather the 552 movement is generally regarded as a good one, although it works the rotor is not exactly "free" spinning as there is some resistance there, I think a service is in order. I'd like to give it a good clean, and find an original type strap for it. I think it is stainless (unless something else plated silver) so hoping a sympathetic polish will bring it back a little. The crystal should be fine with a little elbow grease. Anyway that's all for now- can anyone suggest a good strap that will be close to original? I've bought straps in the past but more often than not been disappointed by the finish or quality. Thanks, TC
  4. Of course it doesn't, and with a NATO or similar I wouldn't worry, but when replacing a bracelet with something more unique than a fabric strap I think it would make sense to at least see if a genuine one is affordable. Also, of the scores of reviews I have read about this watch, the comfort of the rubber strap has been one of the first thing people have mentioned, so it doesn't make sense to use something different IMO. It may be a bit like following a recipe for the perfect beef wellington but deciding to use braising steak instead of fillet! I came across this online, the genuine rubber straps are clearly well made and have a titanium reinforced keeper, nothing visibly fancy but it shows the amount of thought/development, and the shape & proportions will be correct. Finally with a £3-£4k watch being strapped on with it, I wouldn't want to be worrying about it breaking because I have no idea on the quality of the material- I am not an expert but know a bit about materials and that poor types of rubber can fatigue and/or perish very quickly, this does not happen with fabric straps but I would be concerned with a cheap rubber strap of unknown origin.
  5. I still enjoy my Seiko, I bought it purely as my every day watch and it accompanies me almost everywhere- welding, painting, brick laying (new talent since lockdown ), swimming, the list goes on. It cost £150 in a sale but I couldn't be happier with it, the crystal has a fair amount of weld/grinding splatter you can feel with your nail but it adds to the character for me. I completely understand the Casio angle, if I didn't like the Seiko so much I'd probably go down that route.
  6. Rubber seems unnatural for a relatively expensive watch, but being a divers watch I guess they have to try to prove that function is as important as form. Yes the hands are black and the white dial is super-easy to read. I did look online but couldn't find anything genuine, could anyone hazard a guess as to the price of a genuine rubber strap for this model if I were to buy one with a bracelet?
  7. I own no digital watches and have a tank of a Seiko as a work watch, do I really need a G-Shock in my life?! It seems I am the only person without one!
  8. Wow thanks for all the replies, some great suggestions too. The Breitling is a nice looking piece but the details on the dial are a little chunky for me. Bremont have had my interest for a while, I still like the Jaguar range with the rev counter style dial, and the tyre tread crown is a nice detail too. The MBII is clean, I actually like it in blue even though it reminds me of Ben Sherman for some reason! The Sinn looks good but doesn't provide enough punch compared to the SM, I have seen other models I really like though, will browse later. I agree with the suggestion of black for the only watch and white for a collection- I have 4 watches I generally switch between that all have black dials and the white provides something different, perhaps the black is slightly more appealing side by side as it helps the other details on the dial "pop" out, but the white is still stunning to me when viewed on its own. A while ago I did not particularly like the wave dial, but I prefer this new design as it is cleaner and a bit more punchy, ultimately I think it distinguishes the watch from other models and have grown to like it. I suspect it would be a nice subtle detail when caught in the light etc on the white version especially. Blue looks good on these, but I have seen so many blue Seamasters maybe that is another reason to like something different!
  9. Afternoon all, Whilst I should not be looking at expensive watches at the moment, I am really struggling to stay away from staring at the new Seamaster 300M and if I can win the wife over it just may be an imminent purchase... I saw the white version a while ago and have not stopped looking since, but admittedly every time I look at the black version I really like it too. My preference for most watches is black dial, stainless bracelet, so my thinking is that it may be refreshing to actually like the opposite!! I wouldn't ever have considered a rubber strap worthy of being on an expensive watch, however I have seen nothing but praise online and reports of how comfy the rubber option is. I was never much of a Seamaster fan but recently I have been appreciating them, rather understated and the quality looks incredible with these new models, there are some great close ups of the dial in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBV-ly73i58 I was hoping for any input and if there are other white dial sports/diving watches that I should look at instead, and what to expect in future- would a white dial and rubber combo prove to be a fashion thing that makes for an undesirable future watch or is an automatic Seamaster generally a safe option regardless of spec? (I know the value will drop, I just like to minimise how much when I choose what models to buy). Many thanks, TC
  10. I was adamant that a Speedmaster would be next, but since the new 300's I feel I would get far more use out of a Seamaster. I suspect ultimately a speedy will be bought and kept where the 300 may be sold- I see one as modern and fresh and one as a classic.
  11. It's a Seamaster 300, I know there will be some in stock in stores but at the moment we can't go out to look! Also I've not paid attention to seasonal sales etc over the last few years so have no idea if there are good times to buy and how to find discounts other than Google!
  12. Thanks for the quick replies- yes it is a ~£4k watch for ~£3k, and the seller is WatchesWorldUK, according to Google they have a large store in Mayfair and have very good reviews!
  13. Hi all, rather than start a new thread I found this and wanted to ask opinions on the same subject. Lately I have found myself a little addicted to a particular Omega model that is relatively new, and I found one on Chrono24 (new 2020) that is a grand cheaper than the list price. The seller has a huge amount of reviews and ratings, but it does seem too good to be true- is it the case of it must be iffy or do these deals exist? They are a London based seller but I suspect it is shipped from overseas as the postage is over £50 "shipped to the UK". I'm not sure how that works as I've never bought through Chrono24 before. Any advice??
  14. I finally got round to making the inserts for my chosen watch box, an nice one I've had for several years and now has a purpose! I have 2 slots to fill (3 really as my work watch (Seiko) rarely goes in! Do you think I like dark dials?!
  15. TDC

    Air King

    I forget how simple pilots watches were of that era I guess- but even so it has never struck me as purposeful or particularly easy-to-read, the three other examples above all look easier to glance at to me. I don't have a problem with the line but it just seems that they exist as a name to drop rather than a purposeful pilot watch, that being said I wouldn't mind one but doubt I would wear it over my Explorer!
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