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  1. Having looked into the Chrono Quartz I have almost forgotten about the Equinoxe, they certainly hold their value though!
  2. Thanks for the replies, I did not know they were for sale yet. I don't know how much I love it- but I do love the fact that it is so different and the innovation inside. The price is a little higher than expected, maybe when second hand prices become apparent they will plateau due to scarcity (I cannot see them selling millions), one day I might get to see one in the flesh and make a decision!
  3. Pretty funky, I imagine they look great when photographed well but may be a disappointment on the wrist...
  4. I know nothing about the "Vestal Monte Carlo" but have to admit they have a similar retro appeal, looking at pictures up close though I'm not so sure now!! The Omega is far nicer.
  5. Interesting! Very similar but I prefer the shape of the Omega.
  6. Good morning all. I recently came across the Omega Equinoxe online and have been looking at them for a couple of weeks now. Watches don't get more 80's from what I can tell other than the Omega time computer which I also like the look of- obviously for the retro looks. TC1 Time Computer: Most of the ones for sale have issues so I gather they aren't the most reliable watch in the world, and some of the values are shocking compared to what they were judging by search results on here from 8-9 years ago, but has anyone on here ever owned one, and are they truly terrible or actually decent and interesting?! Thanks, TC
  7. So after stating I like to keep my nice watches mint, imagine how pi55ed I was after scratching my new Seamaster 300M whilst swatting a fly that was driving me mad... turns out the cast iron and enamel of an Aga is slightly tougher than the polished stainless steel of an Omega Not exactly a prize winning memory to go with that one!!
  8. Hi all, a friend has an Omega 200M and the crown no longer locks down. I have had a quick look through Google and it appears the thread wearing/stripping is a common fault, has anyone on here carried out the same repair? I'm wonderering whether to take it on for him or if it is better to send it away! I am fairly proficient (very with larger scale mechanics , not so much experience with watches but do have a half decent tool kit) as have heard mixed reviews on the "difficulty level". Thanks, TC
  9. I've been researching the Speedmaster for quite some time now, when it does come to the point where I am allowed to buy another watch I'll have to decide whether to go for a new, old or something in between Speedy!
  10. Morning all, after I bought my original Accutron Spaceview I stumbled across an article on a concept and have been eagerly awaiting details ever since. The article is here: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/citizen-electrostatic-accutron-concept-movement-introducing I've been looking through Google results and can't find any sort of update, I don't suppose anyone knows of any developments? I love the look of it and just how different it is, it would look great next to the original I think! TC
  11. I've been looking at the Momovox, Speedmaster and 20's square Rolex's for a while now, funny you have all 3! Speedy is next I think.
  12. I am loving the look of this, it reminds me of the Socar world time watch I bought a while ago, can you fill me in on the details so I can look into the model a bit more?
  13. The Explorer 2 has been slowly growing on me over the last couple of years, I went with the Explorer (1) because I like the classic design but it is pretty hopeless as a real expedition watch without even having a date! If there is a revision of the Explorer 2 on the cards then I will definitely be looking forward to seeing what they do with it.
  14. The hands are skeletal and although the sides glow, they either lose the effect faster or just don't produce enough to be prominent. It is not an issue, just not as easy to glance at in the dark as some other watches!
  15. I am actually enjoying my work Seiko getting slowly beaten up, it has evidence of welding, laying bricks, painting, the slate roof I did the other week left the khaki strap a more interesting colour too! It's a bit like a CV on my wrist The finer watches however I would prefer to keep clean, my memory (in the middle of my 30's) is already pretty pants and I doubt I would recall anything like you have.
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