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  1. I have but unsure of the Fifty Fathoms, it is definitely one I need to try on before making the call. The bathyscaphe looks great but again needs to be on the wrist for a decision!
  2. I would like a dress watch- but especially given the current climate would barely ever wear it! I'd be happy with it looking pretty waiting to be used occasionally though. Currently my Explorer 214270 is the top of the heap and it's a great understated watch that is equally at home with a DJ as a T-shirt. I prefer a bracelet, my Seamaster has a rubber strap and it looks great but is a faff to use. A strap with a folding clasp would be nice. I have no overall preference- every watch looks better on something different IMO, with materials also. I don't picture myself wearing gold watch
  3. I think I agree re-budget, I have been a little underwhelmed by most at the top end. I have a feeling a Railmaster may prove irresistible first, I would also like a speedy pro but almost put off because it seems so cliché! I would like a chronograph but the IWC Top Gun is probably higher on the list for me- unsure about the size as I've not tried one on yet- I suspect it will bee too big, my Seamaster 300M is 41mm and on the large side for me. Will have to take an up to date pic
  4. Firstly I'll point out this relates to watches- not pretty ladies, sorry to disappoint! In a recent post I pointed out that I have been lured by Blancpain for some time, I'm a sucker for things that have outstanding history and Blancpain being the oldest manufacturer is what got my attention. I don't know why but antiques have an appeal when the age is significant. For example our wine glasses are all old and I love the fact that things so fragile have survived 1-2-300 years and are still perfect and enjoyed regularly! Anyway- can anyone advise on how I would go about locating say-
  5. To be honest residual value is always something I consider, even if I loved it I doubt I would buy a watch for for 4 figures + if I knew it would be worthless afterwards. Probably because that is one of the key decisions in my line of work when we purchase new equipment etc. On the flip side, my most valuable watch is my grandfathers- that would be worthless at auction (without anyone knowing the history). The idea that I can buy something relatively expensive knowing that it retains some financial value means there is security there if I end up in a bad place, or that my children c
  6. Good morning all. I have been thinking about a new watch purchase over Christmas, and think I could go to around £10k, I recently decided it would be nice to buy just one watch a year and Christmas seems like a good time to do it! I have spent some time flicking through watches around £5-£15k online and to be honest I've been pretty underwhelmed, yes I'd like a Sub but don't want to pay double the RRP, the Vacheron Constantin grand complication watches are 10 times by budget, leaving the possibility of a Blancpain Villeret if I can find the right one in budget. I've been admirin
  7. That is very interesting, maybe it explains why the dot on the bezel and the minute hand on my Seamaster are green and the other markers are blue.
  8. Retro digital watches. I don't own any, I keep stopping myself buying any, but there are some awesome 80's looking LED/LCD watches that I fancy. I can't see myself wearing them- but I guess if I enjoy looking at them then it's no different to art of any kind... This is one of my favorites, probably topped by the Omega Chrono Quartz suggested on a previous thread:
  9. Having looked into the Chrono Quartz I have almost forgotten about the Equinoxe, they certainly hold their value though!
  10. Thanks for the replies, I did not know they were for sale yet. I don't know how much I love it- but I do love the fact that it is so different and the innovation inside. The price is a little higher than expected, maybe when second hand prices become apparent they will plateau due to scarcity (I cannot see them selling millions), one day I might get to see one in the flesh and make a decision!
  11. Pretty funky, I imagine they look great when photographed well but may be a disappointment on the wrist...
  12. I know nothing about the "Vestal Monte Carlo" but have to admit they have a similar retro appeal, looking at pictures up close though I'm not so sure now!! The Omega is far nicer.
  13. Interesting! Very similar but I prefer the shape of the Omega.
  14. Good morning all. I recently came across the Omega Equinoxe online and have been looking at them for a couple of weeks now. Watches don't get more 80's from what I can tell other than the Omega time computer which I also like the look of- obviously for the retro looks. TC1 Time Computer: Most of the ones for sale have issues so I gather they aren't the most reliable watch in the world, and some of the values are shocking compared to what they were judging by search results on here from 8-9 years ago, but has anyone on here ever owned one, and are they truly terrible o
  15. So after stating I like to keep my nice watches mint, imagine how pi55ed I was after scratching my new Seamaster 300M whilst swatting a fly that was driving me mad... turns out the cast iron and enamel of an Aga is slightly tougher than the polished stainless steel of an Omega Not exactly a prize winning memory to go with that one!!
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