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  1. Thanks for the replies. I am trying to find someone who can appraise Appraisal for boxes and boxes of old watchmaking equipment dating back 10 early 1800's and up to 1945. meant to type "to" not "10". typo or auto correct .
  2. Except for myself, HA ha! I know nothing but just wanted to introduce myself to start asking questions, reading and learning. My great-grandfather was a watchmaker in the 1700's. My grandfather was in WWI and also was a watchmaker. My dad who fought under Germany was in WWII also was a watchmaker. I am first gen from a line of watchmakers from Austria.
  3. They owned several stores and a wholesale watch businesses and jewelry stores in Austria. Here is a pic: Sorry I could not get the pic turned right side up. The name on the stores were Josef Weishaupl (as can be seen on the sign) which is my dads , grandfather and great grandfathers first and last name. Which is my last name. Unusual last name.
  4. My great grandfather , grandfather and father owned a large watch stores since the early 1800's and up until WWII in Vienna Austria. I was wondering if these watches are from that time period? I I found them along with boxes and boxes of watchmaking tools, lathes and all sorts of parts and machines. . Can anyone help me identify some of these watches? I do not know where the cases and bezels are but I have so many boxes of similar. https://imgur.com/X41DHVv https://imgur.com/gJ8GhlD https://imgur.com/d3qpQVA https://imgur.com/94pgMHM https://imgur.com/ZQpD2RD https://imgur.com/YZsGOj3 https://imgur.com/HLMQsnv https://imgur.com/gG0WzZT PS My father was a watchmaker as well so I have a lot of things left to me from him. I could use some help as I know nothing about Watchmaking.
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