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  1. Evening all. Trying to source a folded link jubilee to suit my old citizen red eagle 7. Slimmer the better really and all silver in colour. Any pointers on which sites to use? Thank you all.
  2. Watches I own Casio w217h for work. Lorier Neptune v2 Citizen red eagle from around 70s
  3. Poly watch for the plexi. Or a belt sander in your case. Good result
  4. TGV maybe. Not heard of Urban G.
  5. Literally everytime they came on sale they were snapped up. Worked out a £320 UK which could be worse.
  6. Hi Brand new to such a forum. Very small obsession with watches. Be good to learn more as always.
  7. Hi all. I've had one for 3 months now. Great looking watch. Waited 18 months to get one:(
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