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  1. If it makes you feel any better, despite having the 50 posts, I still don’t have access to the classifieds. Are the classifieds that good here that they are so bravely defended? You guys must be giving things away for free! It was a joke. The only rookie error was assuming that you guys had a sense of humour. Man, I am starting to feel really bad about what I’ve done here. I think I will join a Mongolian basketweaving forum instead; my lack of interest in the subject should guarantee a more socially acceptable post count. But first... what do I get for 100 posts?
  2. Well, your superior stature as a slow poster gives you the moral high ground to be offended about such important matters as these. I hope to one day ascend to your level of ethical reasoning and draw offence from the malevolence that I assume from digital strangers who are too interested in watches on watch forums. I apologise for any emotional distress that I have caused.
  3. Wow, that’s cheap. I’ll have to pick up the chronograph. Too bad about the silly name.
  4. Nearly there! What do you mean? Looks like I've made it!
  5. Wow, this is a really neat project. Keep us updated!
  6. I never understood the appeal of the Alpinist. Is it partially the initial rarity of them that has carried over?
  7. If you think this is crazy you should go down the YouTube rabbit hole of bug-out vehicles and stealth camping. I've been to homes in the US with 'emergency shelters' stocked with food for years and a few firearms just in case.
  8. Despite everything, you have to agree that those are pretty sweet and it would be neat to have one.
  9. Some of the 18mm straps that Cousin's sell are quite short on the last hole, they are cheap too.
  10. Ebay is full of things like this, unfortunately.
  11. The price seems very reasonable for something like this, I am severely tempted.
  12. I'm not a big fan of digital watches, but this particular line is pretty neat. I hope you run into a few other colours. : )
  13. The Eden looks like early to mid 1960s, the Rodania may be 1950s. This is judging on design cues enrirely.
  14. There was an exhibit at Sotheby's last year which featured a few of his pieces. They are truly amazing items.
  15. Try warming the caseback just a bit with a hair dryer before prying at it.
  16. That third pic is very nice, a perfect desktop wallpaper with the low contrast.
  17. Those are pretty nice results, but It would be nice if the light were a bit more diffused. There's still too much contrast between lights and darks, IMHO.
  18. Wow, those are actually very nice looking.
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