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  1. Really loving the stowa flieger gmt.
  2. I love everyone's advice. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. It's so hard to show some restraint isn't it. I just want to maximise bang for buck as its unlikely I'll have a lump of cash free just for watches for some time. I'm really enjoying browsing and learning though.
  3. I have looked at the oris aquis, you're right, a great looking watch. I'll look again as I could be tempted.
  4. I think both mate. These two instead of one 5 grand watch.
  5. At the moment a tudor pelagos and a stowa flieger gmt are the currwnt winner!
  6. Rather than individually reply I'll just say thank you all. It's lovely to be made to feel welcome with some sage advive. You're all quite right too and I am tying to stay true to what I like and not be influenced. It's sometimes just easier I feel to get ideas and suggestions from the crowd then refine my decisions from there. Plenty of food for thought in the above. A small collection to start with is exactly what I'm aiming for and it just so happens that I really do love a few watches that sit around mid budget so I may find I can get two watches I really like if I'm lucky. I'm still keeping one good watch idea in mind thought. Interesting points on the omega, do you all just mean look out for discounts or sales?
  7. I was just sat here thinking that. Rather than split across a few watches just enjoy buying one great one for that price then look at what's next on the list and start saving. So with that in mind I think I'll stick arou d the 4 grand mark and browse pre owned as well. Interesting times ahead.
  8. Hey everyone, Glad to be part of a forum and I'm new to watches really. I'm loving learning about them and day dreaming about collecting them etc. Recently got my first decent watch, a seiko alpinist, I just loved it from the first time I saw one and my girlfriend was good enough to get me one for my birthday. I think that makes a great first watch and I have a few different straps for it to fit a few different occasions and styles. As luck would have it I should coming into around 4-5 grand which I can allocate to watches so I'm after some suggestions. Also luckily my girlfriend has said she'd buy me a watch when we get engaged and she's floating an omega speedmaster professional as a possible price point. So assuming I have the alpinist and we'll count the speedmaster in as well, what do you think for the 4-5 grand? I'm thinking a diver or gmt and dress watch to round off the collection. Should I just get one good watch for all the money or split it. I really do want a rolex one day just so I have had one and I'm wondering about trying to stretch the budget to reach an older datejust or explorer 2 which would be great but maybe I'd be better getting a couple of really nice quality divers/gmt or dress watch. I'm thinking: Squale Sinn u2 Nomos Junghuns Stowa flieger gmt Hamilton Tudor Etc etc Any thoughts? Cheers
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