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  1. ROLEX ISSUE RESOLVED. I just had a call from Greg ***** the Customer Services Manager at Rolex UK. What a lovely man! He intervened and took another look at the watch through the eyes of the consumer rather than purely from the technician and Rolex have agreed to repair the watch free of charge! Rolex have therefore (with a bit of perseverance) done themselves proud and their good name and reputation are in tact from my perspective at least. I judge a business by how they act when things go wrong not vice versa. It is not entirely clear whether Rolex are still of the same original opinion and just paying lip service to me or not but Greg agreed that in his opinion the watch has minor dings and dents commensurate with a 3-4 year old watch and my previous assertions. I am therefore very pleased with the outcome indeed - right was on my side although for a while I felt justice would not be served. In conclusion my advice to anybody in a similar situation is to keep things cordial with Rolex but just ask for escalation to Customer Services rather than getting bogged down with the service department or the dealer. Thanks to all of you for reading this .... if indeed you still are :-) Steve
  2. Okay so firstly thank you to all the level headed and helpful third party opinions which I am very grateful for. I agree that arguing with Rolex on a technicality (much like the man in the street with a clipboard) is just David playing to Goliath's strengths. So I've gone for their ankles saying it's jolly poor form and bad PR for them once posted on social etc which isn't something they like and has unpredictable outcomes. Rolex have offered to provide and fit the glass free of charge saving circa £200 inc vat so I have suggested we meet in the middle. I will post the eventual outcome here. Thanks again for all who contributed, Steve
  3. So I’m interested to hear what any else might think about the following.. I took my Rolex Sea Dweller D-blue into my local Rolex dealer as the self-winding mechanism has come loose. You can hear it isn’t right but ironically the watch still works fine. I just noticed it one day out of the blue. I am 3 years into the 5 year warranty so an open and shut case I figured but no….Rolex have other ideas and I am not convinced at what they are saying. The watch has got some dents in the main casing and on the lugs as well as a small chip to the glass. All of this was pointed out to me when sending the watch away for repair by the dealer. Okay so I hadn’t really noticed anything but under magnification these things I am not disputing exist. Rolex had the watch for weeks and then sent an estimate for £850 to repair the watch OUT of Guarantee because the problem has apparently been caused by shock damage and as such does not come under their warranty. Their description differs to the dealer and also mentions a fracture to the glass and it would need a full service to boot! I pointed the discrepancy between the dealer description and theirs but they suggested I take issue with the dealer – which just isn’t cricket in my view. Now I know what you might be thinking but hand on heart the watch just has not been used and abused beyond the norm. It has been knocked and scratched but commensurate with living a normal life it that’s possible anymore. I tried to reason with Rolex directly on the phone but they are absolutely convinced I am to blame. I know that what they are suggesting just did not happen. I also suggested that had I smashed the watch I would have called Hiscox and claimed accidental damage. If you are looking through a magnifying glass fair dos there is going to be evidence of wear as I have said already. The bracelet is intact not to mention my precious left arm so just how badly has it have been knocked? I can’t help feeling they are just nickel and diming me. I honestly did not expect this from Rolex. In fact I was rather expecting a fast track repair together with an apology perhaps accompanied by chocolates and flowers. Where do I go from here? Any sensible unbiased views would be appreciated. Steve
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