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  1. This watch is just beautiful. The dial is just perfect, not ruined by too much details. The case is very interesting. For over 400 pound they should have used sapphire though.
  2. I do exactly same thing, new watch for every 5 kg lost. I already wear one, second one is waiting in a box. Also recently I passed a quite difficult exam and another watch was a reward for doing it. It really works for me. Happy to see I'm not the only one:)
  3. Great read. Thanks for your effort:) I'm a proud owner of one:)
  4. Invicta did a very nice quartz chronigraph https://drop.com/buy/drop-invicta-1960-chronograph-watch
  5. Two new watches have just joined my collection. Both manual wind (I love manual wind, have 5 now). One new, one vintage. First is first polish watch in my collection, second first chinease one:) First is very special. It's Blonie Super, polish watch produced in 1950s and 1960s. They were the only mass produced watches ever made in Poland. The licence was bought in Soviet Union, first watches were assembled from russian parts. After few years cases and dials were produced in Poland and at one point in-house movement was developed (around 5k watches with it were produced before Russi
  6. Congratulation on getting your grail. Lovely watch.
  7. Thank you for your answer. It's a piece of art you can wear on your wrist. Enjoy it:)
  8. This is a beautiful watch. Absolutely amazing:) Is it automatic or manual wind? What's the model name or number?
  9. Ebay from US seller. Very good value. I can PM you the link if you want.
  10. Now it's exactly how I wanted it:)
  11. Exactly my first thought when I saw new offerings on forum marketplace. Well done Sir
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