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  1. Congratulation on getting your grail. Lovely watch.
  2. Thank you for your answer. It's a piece of art you can wear on your wrist. Enjoy it:)
  3. This is a beautiful watch. Absolutely amazing:) Is it automatic or manual wind? What's the model name or number?
  4. Ebay from US seller. Very good value. I can PM you the link if you want.
  5. Now it's exactly how I wanted it:)
  6. Exactly my first thought when I saw new offerings on forum marketplace. Well done Sir
  7. it's a traditional, rotating, 120 clicks diver bezel. Bolts are mostly decorative but they also improve the grip when you decide to rotate the bezel.
  8. Hamilton khaki mechanical. It's just perfect. I have this watch and I love it. It's 38 mm, so not to big. It's hand-winding, so quite slim case and you will start every day winding your watch:). It was in a movie, it ages very well. You can get a green one or more universal black one which after changing strap to a black leather one will be the only watch you will ever need. picture of the black model
  9. Last summer I noticed an oversized diver watch with a steel bazel on a shark mash bracelet on someone's wrist and since than I wanted one. I looked for a nice watch for this project and one of bulova divers seemed perfect. On Friday H.Samuel had a great deal for this model and I ordered it. It arrived today and I love it:) Now I need to order a good quality 24 mm shark mesh bracelet for it:)
  10. Hi, Can anyone with watch movement knowledge tell me if unitas 6497 hands will fit seagull ST3600 movement. It's a chinese clone of unitas 6497. If anyone could tell me it would be much appreciated.
  11. Two one-handers today:) Good choice for Sunday:)
  12. This one on today and it will stay there until next Saturday:)
  13. Two for me. One fron exact month I was born. Seiko from February 1977. It looses time badly and needs service or a new movement. And Certina from 1977. Bought NOS, gold plated, I think it looks great. This watch loves sunshine:)
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