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  1. You want a big, inexpensive quartz watch. This is the one I would recommend. 46 mm, very good quartz movement with 10 sec a year accuracy and sweeping second hand and sapphire crystal. All yours for around £300 if you sign to h.samuel newsletter for 10% code. https://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/d/9795766/bulova+men's+classic+sea+king+uhf+black+rubber+strap+watch/?cm_mmc=SEM_Google:HS||Watches||Traditional||Medium:HS||Watches||Traditional||Bulova:9795766&_$ja=acid:628-777-7884|cid:1527834138|agid:57834596825|tid:pla-674611866615|crid:289792786755|nw:g|rnd:11549850949415759842|dvc:c|adp:
  2. What do you think guys? Automatic regulator with central second hand, sapphire crystal with AR, two straps with quick release bars, travel case, free delivery all for 230 dollars. I think it is very interesting and very original. I think it's great value at around £178. Before I back it I would like to know what people with more knowledge about watches think about it:) The campaign is on Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zumwatches/the-r1-a-regulator-watch-to-drive-with
  3. Timor is probably the best dirty dozen homage you will be able to order soon. https://timorwatch.com/
  4. Edifice for me today
  5. For me manual wind movements, cases made of bronze and small second at 6:)
  6. Beautiful watch. I love bronze watches and considered this one. Not a fan of this kind of hour hands so i chose diferent one. The chocolate dial looks great. Brown or dark green are the best with a bronze case. Great buy. Congratulation. The more patina it will develop the more you will love it.
  7. First time on my wrist today. Casio edifice.
  8. RRP is £299. I got it with 55% discount brand new from online casio AD:) I think the same about screws but I can live with them:)
  9. I'm a big fan of g-shocks but recently managed to scratch the crystal of my gravity-defier. So I was on the market for a new solar powered quartz watch with sapphire crystal. I wanted a sapphire g-shock but they are quite expensive. Today I found this beauty. For £135 I got a super thin, solar powered chronograph, with sapphire crystal and Bluetooth capabilities. I think it looks good too. The seller will adjust the bracelet for me and post it with next day delivery:). I think it's amazing value for money and can't think of any watch at the similar price that can compete with it. What do you t
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