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  1. Hi everyone. First time today, my new ventus mori. Big thanks to Jonesinamillion for selling it to me
  2. HKED mechanical pandas with seagul movement. You can chose case size and crystal. https://www.hkedwatches.com/collections/sapphire-crystal-chronograph/products/sapphire-hked-ed63-cream-black
  3. Good looking, solar powered, reputable brand watch with sapphire crystal and steel bracelet for £99 must be good value for money:) https://www.watches2u.com/watches/casio/efs-s550db-1avuef-mens-edifice-watch.html?utm_source=impact_scale&utm_medium=affiliate&clickid=0FWTb51bhxyOUWRwUx0Mo3EUUknXXXWBA05A3I0&irgwc=1
  4. Hello everyone:) Hamtun kraken 2 to me today. Kickstarter watch, which was very late, but really nice in the end:)
  5. This Armand Nicolet is on sale for a long time and already reduced once. It's worth checking price everyday if you like it. I managed to get a 7753 tissot this way for 350 pounds. What was the second watch and how much was it ?
  6. You can easily buy today a modern watch made from bronze, brass, steel, white and yellow gold but not from silver. What is the reason for it? There is quite a lot vintage watches made from silver but not modern ones. Are they any modern ones I missed?
  7. Very interesting watches, but not for me. Next year is 50th anniversary of bulova on the moon. I hope they release mechanical, smaller lunar pilot watch to celebrate it:)
  8. Good morning all. Seiko for me today
  9. Good morning. Seiko today for me
  10. Not square one but still worth sharing. Minnie the dog and rotary les originales:)
  11. Out of my 12 watches only one has ever been noticed. Three different people liked it and told me about it. Funny thing is it's my cheapest watch
  12. New one today, brought by a postman at 11. Very happy with it. Rotary Les Originales panda:)
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