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  1. RRP is £299. I got it with 55% discount brand new from online casio AD:) I think the same about screws but I can live with them:)
  2. I'm a big fan of g-shocks but recently managed to scratch the crystal of my gravity-defier. So I was on the market for a new solar powered quartz watch with sapphire crystal. I wanted a sapphire g-shock but they are quite expensive. Today I found this beauty. For £135 I got a super thin, solar powered chronograph, with sapphire crystal and Bluetooth capabilities. I think it looks good too. The seller will adjust the bracelet for me and post it with next day delivery:). I think it's amazing value for money and can't think of any watch at the similar price that can compete with it. What do you think guys?
  3. It's really nice. I hope they will do the bronze model with a blue sapphire basel:)
  4. Hamtun kraken 2 for me today Stay safe chaps:)
  5. This big boy just arrived. Nice heavy watch. I like the color and the power reserve. My first orient and I always wanted one. I always liked them but aluminium bazel insert stopped me from getting one. My divers must be ready to get active with me:) Now you can get ceramic inserts for them so if I scratch it I will just get a new one and upgrade.
  6. Here's mine I really like it, it makes me smile. My children love it as well. I love their bronze basecamp. I designed green one with cali dial and green strap. It looks amazing. If you could upgrade it with sapphire crystal I would order one today.
  7. Ventus mori by the lake:)
  8. Marcin


    HKED watches https://www.hkedwatches.com/collections
  9. Great looking g-shock. How does bracelet feel on the wrist? I used to have a very nice g-steel on bracelet that really hurt my wrist. I loved the watch but had to sell it:(
  10. Really nice watch. I hope they will make bronze one with sapphire bazel as well
  11. OOS at amazon but the same price at argos.
  12. It's really nice. I love bronze watches. May be my first invicta:)
  13. Something very silly today. Undone joker watch First time on the wrist today. Something silly for these serious times.
  14. Armida for me. Since I got an used ventus mori from our forum it's my favourite watch, getting 80% of wrist time out of all my 14 watches.
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