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  1. Thank you guys. Still so much to learn about watches. I read the thread about 7002 on watchuseek and still didn't notice it was an aftermarket dial. Good thing I have learnt something new about old watches, bad I will like my watch less
  2. Why do you think it has aftermarket parts?
  3. For me certina ds-3, made in the same year I was born Looks so much better on a new rally strap:) This watch needs sunshine to show its real beauty, I won't take it of during summer:)
  4. I don't think so. They had a modern kinetic black seiko diver next to it with a big mark on a bazel for almost twice as much as mine:)
  5. Black seiko 7002 in good condition I had a plan to buy just one watch a year but already bought two:)
  6. Fascinating watch and video
  7. Ball Trainmaster Power Reserve 50% off. https://www.secretsales.com/574946022-ball-watch-company-trainmaster-power-reserve-white-watch-white/?tduid=5f3251b5238d5c92324b841ac63b1bdf&utm_source=tradedoubler&utm_medium=affiliate&dclid=CjkKEQiA04XxBRDttK6MiuuO5IsBEiQAkMbU0GdPsZ7Trg-Flx5S8RlSk9na5nPXJ5VzSicdXmkwEtDw_wcB Not for me because I have no money after Christmas but I hope someone from here get one and enjoy it.
  8. Can we have a permanent thread when all members can post watch bargains they found? If yes I'll start with a very interesting hamilton pilot, £399 now at tkmaxx:) https://www.tkmaxx.com/mens-early-access/silver-tone-pilot-pioneer-analogue-watch/p/76028062
  9. So interesting:) What's reference number of this beauty?
  10. Such a nice watch but the crown is so wrong in my opinion. It looks like from some vintage dress watch, not from a sport watch. It's lucky, otherwise I would probably order one today and I bought too many watches this year:)
  11. Probably China or Hong Kong to keep the cost down. Maybe it's a good idea to email them if you are really interested:)
  12. I don't know but I know that longislandwatch.com has very good opinion on some watch forums for quality control of watches they sell. Often mentioned as the best place to get seiko watches without alignment issues. There are some videos about those divers on youtube and the owner is very passionate about this project. I really like pepsi and orange one.
  13. If you can stretch your budget to 299 dollars get an Islander watch https://www.longislandwatch.com/Islander_Watches_s/2006.htm It's like skx but with NH 36 movement, saphire glass, ceramic bazel and decent bracelet. They sell 38 mm version now. A lot of watch for money
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