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  1. It was ventus mori for me today
  2. For me small size (38 mm ideal), slim steel bracelet, applied indices, no date or date at 6 (date ar 3 or 4 is a deal breaker), mechanical movement. That's my dram watch:)
  3. The big boy on the new strap.
  4. Błonie super today Have a nice day everyone:)
  5. This is exactly the design I'm looking fot, but modern one:) Nice watch:)
  6. Still enjoying this beauty today. Have a nice day everyone:)
  7. Arrived today from Japan. Seiko Actus made in February 1977, when I was born. Good condition for its age, great size and fit. It made me happier than any other, more expensive watch I bought before.
  8. Thank you all for some great suggestions. The seamaster 1948 is very nice, but over my budget. Some suggested watches are very nice but not exactly what I want. I would like indicices and numbers like in the first watch, all applied, not painted. And no date. The best thing is that I already have a watch like this, but it's vintage and fragile. At the moment it's having a loose crystal fixed. That's why I would like something modern, with sapphire and decent waterproofness. This is just my perfect watch design. If you can think of any other models like this post them please.
  9. The one on the right is what I'm looking for. Great suggestion.
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