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  1. I like it a lot. No date, applied indices, my kind of diver. I may get a green one one day. Instead of opening a new thread I will ask here. Does anyone know watches similar to this but better quality? Must be no date, applied round indices, ceramic bezel, sapphire, no snowflake or mercedes hand.
  2. I like my new watch a lot Have a nice weekend everyone
  3. My second san martin has just arrived. Vintage sub with a pencil hour hand. Always loved this model but didn't want it with a mercedes hand. Similar look to invicta 1953 but smaller, with sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel and sterile dial. I love it:) My second san martin and second with a sterile dial.
  4. My work companion today:) Have a nice day everyone:)
  5. Seiko from February 1977. Like me:)
  6. This watch is just spectacular. One of my favourite ones on our forum.
  7. Mine arrived today. It's mechanical. When i ordered I had a plan to use it for a custom made dial but the watch is so interesting I don't think I'm going to do it. Tkank you OP.
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