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  1. I can't understand why bulova didn't make mechanical lunar pilot with a smaller case to commemorate 50 Anniversary. That would be an instant hit and a best seller for years.
  2. Tissot today Have a nice day everyone
  3. Orient monarch this weekend Have a good one everyone:)
  4. I strongly agree. No date is the best:) And my favourite
  5. This watch is like me. Born February 1977, a bit tired but nice overall
  6. I posted a watch sold on ebay on 17th of December, 1st class recorded RM. It is still in transit according to their website. Shocking service:(
  7. Have a nice weekend everyone
  8. Błonie on the new strap today
  9. Poster of the year must be @Bricey Post of the year was what do you get when you buy Avi-8 watch with 25% discount. Avi-6
  10. List them here at the price you are happy with. On ebay wait for £1 fee and list than again at the price you want. Be patient, don't sell too cheap:) Are you planing to sell your beautiful zodiac seawolf?
  11. Hammy today Keep warm everyone:)
  12. Great find and an amaizing watch.
  13. Congratulation. Beautiful and interesting watch:)
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