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  1. It was tongue and cheek and having a laugh. But what you recommend is on a different level. BUT the name wreck the hoose juice makes me want to order it for some girl at the bar
  2. Feice has multiple in that style. Both quartz and automatic. All under 300 i believe. Quartz lower price, auto a little higher. I really like this one in the link, and may get it at some point. Like i said, they have a few others besides the one linked that you should check as well! https://www.amazon.com/FEICE-Stainless-Leathers-Waterproof-Business/dp/B074MWWTVL/ref=mp_s_a_1_12?keywords=feice+black+leather&qid=1571100220&sr=8-12 Here is an auto version for about $250 https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07Q55GKV8/ref=cts_wa_2_vtp?ie=UTF8&pi=SL110&dpPl=1&dpID
  3. None, i wish they would, then I wouldn't have to buy them
  4. That one, but with black leather, is the one I'm looking at. Good info from all, might grab it after I finish paying off some of my college courses
  5. The drink doesn't make the man, the man makes the drink! And, make the lady's drink extra strong Pure Class
  6. Thank you, appreciate it. I really do not care one way or another, just that the quality is good (which this brand appears to get great feedback), but was just curious as I read that their are certain standards to apply the "swiss made" stamp! I thought it might be a tactic to claim swiss but not necessarily abide by the "swiss made" standards e.g. more parts from out of country, etc.!
  7. Thanks, I only wear a Casio to workout and am not a G Shock fanatic, however, these are incredible and you may have changed my mind on G Shock (at least this edition). I really appreciate you replying with these watches, I really, really love these! I will be looking into them, hopefully they are not some rare elusive watch, that will be my luck Wow, can't find much except I saw one price for over a $1000 But see one that looks very similar for about $300 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/G-SHOCK-GW-6903K-7JR-Anniversary-Domestic-Products/dp/B07RSR4LBC/ref=pd_sbs_241_1/13
  8. Wow, really like the one that looks like a jellyfish. That would be an amazing Beach watch!
  9. Is this Longines Swiss made? https://www.jomashop.com/longines-l48744122.html I know technically it's made in Switzerland under the Swiss Swatch group, but most of the watches say "Swiss made" at the bottom however the one I was looking at in the link just says "Swiss" at the bottom. Does it say that because it doesn't meet the requirements or is it just something for the Aesthetics?
  10. And a decent bottle of proper Fizz while you are at it I doubt very much if Churchill drank any of the cheap Mousolini Tallie stuff. He didn't, but if he stopped at my store at midnight home from a conference, he would have
  11. Yes it does, I am working from home today, that Perrier sounds delicious... Can you send me the former and take the latter
  12. Very cool "dressy watch". That is top notch!!!!!!!
  13. Usually, you pay to talk on a couch, $$$$$$$ Lay on a couch and profit... I'll have to see what watch he wears
  14. Where are you @Nigelp I need some Boris support with your lovely vintage Seiko! Show them that aristocracy is not relevant to all aspects, and that a fitted dress watch exudes class! I posted myself with my citizen dress watch, but I am afraid it is too new to evoke prominence. I posted with "bubbly" to invoke Churchill, I hope you do something similar(or better), looking forward to the post!!! The PM wears a Seiko, So Shall We!!!!!!! P.S. (I say all this in positivity and not mockery, in case it was viewed in any other way) Long live Seiko (quality, value, a
  15. Live it everyday while you remember it...And when in queue still be a badass! enjoy it until you are not sure what is going on...and then still enjoy it if you can... I think you have a ton more enjoyment!!! No one will remember your ugly watch, they will remember you talking to the girl drunk, they wish they could have got You go home to your girl, they go home alone Celebrating my Boris Johnson thread! But drinking Winston Churchill style, so here it is... Ya, you way burnt that pizza, not just a little @BondandBigMI hope you called in a delivery
  16. Awesome dial, very unique and classy! I wonder if the lume is incredible? lol Unique piece.
  17. Delicious lol I am in the states though, so not necessarily brekkie, still very decadent I'm a sinner and should be judged your honor
  18. Agree, Give this man back his watch! He made a mistake, it is time!
  19. BTW, I'm celebrating my find (which I found a week ago but have been busy) with some bubbly, Churchill style I've actually tried to figure this one out , it's not a Rolex! Not sure if it's "pedigree" or not, LOL!
  20. First, I want credit for this discovery, as it has been a long sought after inquiry! I have seen this topic covered way before Boris ever was close to being PM. He has worn the same watch for years and years. There has been much debate about it being a Patek Calatrava, to other more affordable options. Also, from people who dislike him saying, "who cares", to others who side with him saying "calm down it's a WATCH FORUM!" The intrigue is that he has had the same watch for so many years, and now we know what it is. The proof is in, it is a...…. (Some websites for better
  21. Awesome watch and find! I wish they would sell something similar today, new, no date, quartz, a littke bit larger. Wait, they sell grand seiko, quartz, a little larger, no date, $$$$$$$ For 10, the one you have is a steal
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