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  1. Sorry, we never got to talking price as I didn't want it. I would not have expected any discount whatsoever in fairness. They have a long waiting list for that watch. Perhaps ADs are not allowed to discount but most will on hard to shift pieces. Not a cat in hell's chance on the popular stuff of course.
  2. I hear you, and for years I wouldn't touch Tudor, but then I did and since I have never looked back. Think I have 11 Tudor in the collection now. I believe there still is a wait on these. I was offered one recently and was excited to go see it at my local AD. Didn't buy it though. Just looked too small on my wrist. My local Rolex dealer recently got out of also stocking Tudor as they could not keep up with the high-street stores constantly discounting the list prices. They didn't want to do that and so could not compete. Same reasons they also ditched Omega and Zenith too. Tudor, Omega, Zenith, and others, are generally present on the high street and unless it a brand new or rare model there's always a discount to be had if you just ask - and a bigger discount if you are a good negotiator.
  3. Have you tried Hong Kong. It's watch-crazy over there. Watch shops (ADs and independents) literally everywhere you look. There can be 20+ on one street.
  4. Very subjective of course. Only you can decide what's better looking. Personally, I love Tudor and have several. And I love Rolex, and have several. For the money, Tudor rocks!
  5. Happy wife, happy life. Wise move there. I'd let her settle into her 50th and then buy myself the watch.
  6. Sweet. Enjoy the golf. Should be a cracking day tied at 8-8 going into it. Go Europe.
  7. That's cheap. They have some pretty discounted stock on that site. Good start to a Sunday morning buying a new watch! Here is my Black Bay Dark for comparison
  8. Great purchase. Well done. Seen plenty of these pre-owned sell for the same, or more, than a new one so great you got a saving. My local AD called me a few months ago offering me the Explorer and I said no thanks - then completely regretted it and call him back but he had already sold it to someone else. Doh! I am a Muppet.
  9. Great result. Well done for sticking with it and no stumping up the cash. I had an interesting one recently. I bought a Datejust 41 from an AD at Heathrow. Was in a bit of a rush to catch my flight so didn't fully inspect the watch. It was straight out of the case and I saw them remove the stickers, so the last thing I was thinking was to get my loop out and look it over (from here on in I will). So I get home, put the white gloves on, and open the box. Straight away I notice that the side of the case is scratched, and not just a light hairline scratch either, but several and some pretty deep. I close the box and contact the AD the next day. At first they were surprised and apologetic and said it would be replaced. When I next flew through Heathrow I took the watch back in and they had changed their tune and were talking about polishing. NO WAY. I bought a brand new Rolex at full retail, so didn't want a polished Rolex at full Retail. They said they would have to make some calls and get back to me. A few weeks went by and after much persistence from me they agreed to replace the head (keeping the bracelet). Fair enough. Took many more weeks of waiting for them to get another of the same model and all in I was 3 months without the watch or the money I paid for it. All fine now, and in the time between my original purchase and the replacement, the AD had started to offer an additional 5 year warranty on top of the Rolex 5 year warranty, so I got something out of it I suppose. No surprise that throughout the negotiation the clear inference was that I scratched the watch myself. I 100% know that I did not, so it was either scratched at Rolex or at the AD. It sure as heck wasn't me. I just kept repeating this point and kept insisting that nothing other than a new watch would be acceptable. Got there in the end. I'm with you on that, especially vintage watches that come without paperwork. 3/4 of the watch could have been replaced and you wouldn't know it. The 1972 GMT-Master I bought came without box or papers but I hunted far and wide and paid a fraction of what some dealers were selling similar age GMT-Masters without papers. I don't much care if 3/4 of this watch has been replaced as I got it pretty cheap, and someone else stumped up for the undoubtedly expensive Rolex service. Result.
  10. Nope. They will service any Rolex I believe, but it can get rather expensive, and they often take liberty in replacing parts you may not want replaced. I have just bought a 1972 GMT-Master 1675 that came with a 2019 Rolex Service Card and the 2 year service warranty.
  11. Plenty of reputable dealers advertise their stock on ebay, and you can often also go search their actual website and see the same watch - then buy off ebay if you want to use paypal (for example) or from their website on a credit card. Hopefully goes without saying that you should NEVER buy a watch on a debit card (or anything else of value for that matter). Credit card companies give payment protection so if you are sold dodgy goods you can dispute the sale and the card company will investigate (and most likely reverse the transaction). Really don't get why anyone would buy a watch from Watchfinder. Their prices are ridiculous. Within a few minutes of searching you could find any watch they sell, and I mean ANY, cheaper elsewhere. I think it was a smart move by the Richemont Group to buy Watchfinder but how they get away with those prices beggars belief. They are super safe to purchase from, which I guess commands their premium. Finally, if you don't know what you are doing when it comes to buying a watch, I would ask friends or colleagues to help. Someone who knows what they are doing will save you money for sure.
  12. TWRG


    Halò indeed. That's hello in Scots Gaelic by the way (I had to look it up). Long term watch collector and bank balance destroyer, but brand spanking new to this forum. Thought I would introduce myself. Live near Edinburgh and work in London. Collect mostly modern Rolex, Tudor, Omega, IWC, Zenith, AP and the likes. Just started down the vintage path with a 1973 GMT-Master 1675. Will probably make an aXse of myself at some point on here so apologies in advance. Cheers.
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