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  1. Does anyone please recognize this watch maker? The brand looks to surely be TP, but I can find literally nothing about it. There is a modern watch brand TP Time Piece but this watch looks a bit older than when they started and the logos are completely different. On the back it says TP Collection; there is a company called TP Collections but they are a wholesaler and don't look to actually make watches just sell rolex's and such. Any help appreciated thanks, I'm just highly curious and don't like an unsolved mystery Images: https://ibb.co/r3ZNWHM https://ibb.co/ZH5rRLr https://ibb.co/Tk69Xfx https://ibb.co/Fq21P4W https://ibb.co/zrk797N https://ibb.co/mhrFYm2 https://ibb.co/SvZvTkB https://ibb.co/3zwpfdq https://ibb.co/fGvqrsW https://ibb.co/Wfdp5zv It appears I didn't embed the images properly (sorry 1st time poster) and I see no edit button for my post so I'll post the here:
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