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  1. A fellow Wathonian! Me too. Avenue Road.
  2. Hello. I’ve been interested in mechanical watches for over a couple of decades now (having visited Switzerland and seen some of the most beautiful watches and prices - they’re pretty hard to forget). My knowledge of watches is very limited but I continue to be a quick learner. My father-in-law owns several watches and I’ve taken onboard the task of finding out about them. One of them is a Paul Buhré, another a Bucherer. I know more about the latter than the former but Google and the watch forum (TWF?) message board will no doubt be my friend. My ideal watch is something like a Lange and Sohne (but price dictates that won’t be happening any time soon). I quite like Mont Blanc stuff so I’m leaning toward one of them at the moment. Or a Bucherer. Anyway, I hope to learn lots from you whilst hopefully not annoying you with banal questions.
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