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  1. Happy Tuesday people, i’m interested in your unpopular opinions. You know what i’m talking about: you’re with your friends in the living room and they’re all swooning over this watch. You don’t get the hype, but of course you daren’t say this aloud for fear of being accused of heresy. I’ll start: the Pepsi GMT is beastly and the Royal Oak is overrated. Also mesh straps and cyclops Ok I’m ready for the guillotine.
  2. Love NOMOS, I have a massive crush on the weltzeit in particular
  3. The Black Bay 58 is simply unbeatable at its price point, good luck securing one on a metal bracelet though
  4. Smaller sizes are generally more understated and have a vintage look about them than their larger counterparts: The Omega FOIS and the speedmaster professional The 36mm Explorer and the modern one (which is also very nice incidentally) The BB58 and the Black bay black etc.
  5. Completely understand your frustration. Someone won the bid and insisted on me supplying my paypal email address - swiftly searching why this was the case, realised it was a well-known scam. They send you a fake email saying that they have paid and that the item is ready for posting. Naturally if you bother to look at your paypal account, this isn't the case.
  6. The omega seamaster is nice but looked pretty grotesque on my wrist so I opted for a black bay instead
  7. Definitely Hamilton Khaki is one of the best in that price range and at 38mm it's perfectly sized. The new white dial is worth a look in my opinion:
  8. I thought we might be interested in talking about some of the most famous people and their timepieces following on from the vintage homage topic: I'll start off, I personally wouldn't be able to pull this off but behold MLK's Datejust:
  9. I've rediscovered Sinatra after hearing 'That's Life' on the new Joker movie. As a side note related to watches, he wasn't a huge watch fan but his AP did sell last year for $12,000 - quite an interesting timepiece, though very classy and simplistic
  10. I think this is worth waiting for - longines heritage classic sector. I think it retails for just under £2K
  11. I enjoy his videos although I find them long winded sometimes
  12. Is that the BB36? I think the size is superior to the current explorer but other areas such as lume, heritage - the explorer edges it, although I suppose it's a matter of personal taste. The 114270 is 36mm and remains a stunning timepiece that is hard to beat.
  13. I’m rather quite fond of it - I particularly like the matte colour
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