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  1. Stunning. Is that the tritium dial?
  2. Hi I’m looking towards my next watch purchase and wondered if anyone had a good suggestion. it would need to fit in with my collection of: BB58, NOMOS Tangente and Casio F91W. It should also be sub-40 diameter as I have small wrists and I’m not a fan of date functions. budget is £5K new or preowned. the omega FOIS is the only one that fits the bill from what I’ve seen thus far but I’m sure there’s others. thanks!
  3. New Tissot gentleman is stunning https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-gb/shop/t1274071104100.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA5dPuBRCrARIsAJL7oegoLYzS76YmPYfzoBpT8Yu9XH8VMabmOKFt_fLdam0SfQLB89Ny_CoaAjPIEALw_wcB
  4. Most people here have suggested pre owned and i would strongly suggest that as well - your first watch is unlikely to be precisely the one you'll want to keep for life so avoid buying new watches that wont hold their value. Of the three watches you suggest, I've only ever admired the navitimer and the autavia.
  5. Sure but I like to wear a watch to the gym and when I’m doing something active. No matter how careful you are you can damage a watch
  6. I'm interested in how people organise their watch collections. I personally just do the dress, tool, beater - Tangente, BB Chrono and Casio F-91W respectively (although I'm in the midst of selling my BB Chrono and have certainly been swooning over the Rolex Explorer I for some time now). Do you just collect from certain brands, certain models or according to the type of tool watch (one dive, one chrono etc.)? As a bonus question, advice as to what I should replace the BB Chrono with would be welcome.
  7. G shock DW-5600E - iconic as hell
  8. That’s interesting, I wonder if sales have seen a complementary increase however. That’s actually really interesting, but certainly sounds like someone with more money than sense if he’s buying with little to no research - do we know which model he was after? I had a friend who worked at signet (owns Ernest Jones) and he said that omega were trying to move out of the Tudor territory because they’re snapping at their heels with their black bay line. Sounds like there’s pressure to position themselves somewhere in the middle - which I can see
  9. I imagine omega will get slaughtered if that’s their primary strategy. And I’m saying that as someone who prefers omega. It’s not like Longines can compete with Tudor either although they’re going the right way about it with this sector dial piece. Appreciate I’m no expert but that’s certainly what I think.
  10. Happy Tuesday people, i’m interested in your unpopular opinions. You know what i’m talking about: you’re with your friends in the living room and they’re all swooning over this watch. You don’t get the hype, but of course you daren’t say this aloud for fear of being accused of heresy. I’ll start: the Pepsi GMT is beastly and the Royal Oak is overrated. Also mesh straps and cyclops Ok I’m ready for the guillotine.
  11. Love NOMOS, I have a massive crush on the weltzeit in particular
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