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  1. Treated myself to this little beauty. I wanted a military style green auto watch and this ticks all the boxes. It arrived today and is even better than I thought. I love the fact you can see the movement on the back and how sleek it looks. I think the cost for what you get is fantastic
  2. Good evening all, im just wondering if anyone has purchased an S Force watch? I’ve seen them advertising on various social media sites and after looking on there website the watches look and are very bold and brash. I’m contemplating purchasing a classic model thanks Chris
  3. Thanks for all the comments, I went for new in the end. welcome to my Tag Formula 1 Calibre 5
  4. Any good sources to look into Vinatage? @Nigelp
  5. Thanks everyone, lots of great advice for me to absorb. I’m going to check out the links I have been sent and have a look in my local retailers to see what discount they offer
  6. Good evening all, im looking at purchasing my 1st luxury watch and was wondering if people generally go for new or used? I’m looking at either a Tag Formula 1 Calibre 5 or a Tag Aquaracer both of which retail around £1400. I’ve seen on Facebook etc these styles going for around £800-900 so a significant saving Thanks
  7. Thanks for the YouTube channel I will check it out. Very nice looking Tag especially with tgg Hf at strap Well that has now opened up another search engine. Thanks @yokel I will definitely look into manual wound watches Thanks @Boots I do like the vintage style watches especially military watches.
  8. Good evening all, I’m new to the watch world and more specifically collecting them. I have purchased a couple of watches and after doing some research and looking at hundreds of watches I often find myself questioning whether I should prefer a watch due to movement? I currently do not own an automatic although I will be treating myself to a Hamilton Khaki King in the morning to distant future. What are people’s thoughts on the auto vs quartz debate? I’m drawn to a Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch where the price for a quartz is approx £1k and around £1.5k for an auto. £1k seems a lot to me for a quartz but this could be my naivety. Does an automatic hold it’s value better? Would you go for a auto over a quartz? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, regards
  9. Thanks, I’m really pleased with it and looking forward to growing my collection
  10. Haha I think that is happening already. My wife is sick of me showing her watch pictures
  11. Very nice. I like the simplicity of this
  12. My 1st watch purchase as a reward for passing year 1 of my exams. This has really wet my appetite for watches and has got me researching all different makes/models and styles
  13. That’s a lovely watch and at a great price
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