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  1. Good news - I have identified and purchased the first watch I ever owned - it was a Casio F-200. Pic here > Casio F-200 Not the best looking watch ever made I grant you but to find one in that condition with the original strap is a rare thing indeed. Now to find a Casio CA-90.
  2. My W-760 appears to off fixed itself. - It hasn't reset in months now even though I'm only wearing it in work hours so its still going through some thermal stress. I even used the countdown timer function the other day which involved pressing some buttons, something which would cause it to fail and reset before but it worked fine. Very strange. Maybe leaving in the draw for all those years made it go a bit insane and now its feeling loved again. lol.
  3. Missed this auction by just 2 days. > Auction Appeared to be in perfect condition and went for peanuts. (I think it was a German action site). Never mind.
  4. Yes - still lots of interesting NOS watches to be found on ebay but prices are always on the increase!
  5. My 1983 Casio failed to take account of the leap day. My 1990 Casio took account of the leap day no problem. My 2007 Casio failed to take account of the leap day. - Some inconsistency there. Makes me wonder which digital watch manufacturers don't bother to program the leap day event in even now?
  6. Bought a 'new old stock' white face DGW-30 from Poland. - Very pleased. Pic Here> LINK Found a DGW-301 for sale in Japan but it was in very poor condition. The search continues.
  7. Hi - Sorry for the slow update - been very busy. The new strap for the W-760 finally turned up from Germany and fits perfectly - Pic here > LINK It's been great to wear it again after so long but unfortunately due to the watches age it now seems very sensitive to changes in heat and taking it off / putting it on causes it to re-boot about once a week but this is a minor inconvenience that I can live with. I suppose I could find another one that's had an easier life and swap the internals? There's one for sale in India at the moment that has its original strap but the face has been ground flat. But £70 is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for such an example and India is a very hot country so it may have the same problem anyway. I'll leave it for now as better ones will turn up for sale.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes. I've ordered a new Casio strap for the W-760. It's the correct size / type / finish but it's for another model. I'll see how well its works as a complete ensemble when it arrives from Germany(?) next week. The glass (crystal?) on W-760 is pretty badly scratched. Pic here > LINK as I wore the watch on building sites up and down the county throughout the 1990's. I'm going to try and repair it using the resin / UV method. Will post results.
  9. Good News. - After 30min of open watch surgery I finally managed to get my Casio 548 W-760 working again. I replaced the battery and the main seal and then it was just a case of aligning the button mechanisms and seating the main board and hoping everything stayed in its correct position when the back was screwed on. It all seems fine - the buttons work along along with the light and the speaker. (Although I didn't replace the button seals so I don't think I'll be wearing it swimming again.) Here's a great shot of the watch alongside its crappy reproduction. > LINK The reproduction is no wear near as good. Its thinner, lighter, doesn't chime on the half hour and the light is poorer and its strap is a 2 piece. Going to buy a new strap for the W-760 and start wearing it again.
  10. Thanks. - There's another one from Romania about the same price. It maybe worth buying one of these just for the internals in case I find a stainless steel one that isn't working. Do you have any links to sites that sell new old stock direct from Japan?
  11. In answer to my own post (again). According to watchshock.com the watch above is a DGW-30. However I was after the all stainless steel white face model which I now know to be a DGW-301 Also found a number of other versions with a mixture of resin and stainless steel components. Now all I have to do is find a nice one for sale.
  12. Sorry to answer my own post but I just had a flash of inspiration. I wondered if there was an online archive for the Argos catalogue and sure enough there is! > http://retromash.com/argos/ I went to the 1990 watch page, an there it was - the plastic version of the watch I bought all those years ago. This is actually a great source of information and pictures of common watches dating back to 1973. Unfortunately though it does not give the watch model number. So I've posted the image on the Japanese forum. Fingers crossed.
  13. Hi – New member here. I got bought my first watch as a birthday present in the late 1970’s. I can’t remember much about it other than it was an all black plastic LCD with 2 distinctive domed buttons on the front, a bit like a Braun DW 30. I’ve never seen another one and I’ve no idea what happened to it. I just wish I still had it! My second watch I bought myself in 1981, the ubiquitous Casio CA-90. This was a great watch and I had lots of fun playing the space-invader game but it only lasted a couple of years before the strap cracked through. To avoid this failing in the future I replaced it with an all stainless steel Casio 548 W-760. This was a work horse of a watch and I’ve still got it (although it’s now non-functional). By 1990 I was in full time employment and feeling flush with cash so I decided to buy a new watch. I looked around the shops (this was before the internet) and decided to buy another Casio. I liked the look of a new round faced model that had a main display with two round multi-function timers above it and a seconds indicator between them. The only problem was that the model was all black plastic. However, I somehow found out that Casio had released a stainless steel version with a white face but I could only find it for sale in Oxford Street London. So I decided to commute to London from where I lived at the time to buy one, a 320 mile round trip! But it was worth it because the watch was amazing and I wore it for the next 12 years. During that time I occasionally saw someone with the black plastic version but I never saw another stainless steel one. Unfortunately by 2002 the strap lugs had become weak and the watch would fall off without warning and one day during a 5-aside football match if fell off and I didn’t notice. I went back to the pitch when I realised it was gone but I couldn’t find it. So that was the end of that. I’ve been looking on the internet on and off over the years trying to identify the model of this watch but I can’t find any trace of it – Not even the black plastic version, which was very common? I had a look back through my family photographs to see if I had a photo of me wearing the watch and this is the best I could come up with: CASIO Pic If anyone can identify the watch model I would be very impressed. I eventually replaced the watch with a Casio Edifice EFA-107 (White Face) but it wasn’t the same and at 115g in weight it feels slightly too heavy on the wrist. My everyday watch now is a cheap reproduction of the 548 and a gold Omega Constellation for special occasions. Thanks.
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