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  1. Thank you KAS118 for your words. You are right, in fact in the developing stage we designed a lot of dial with Tachymeter, but at the end we prefer to start our collection with something classic and something more unusual, like the X-RA. In the next stages the bezel will acquire special functions, but this is a little secret . Thank You for your question!
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/htdwatch/htd-watches-inspired-from-the-golden-era After this topic we decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign. On the link there is the preview to stay update on the launch. Thank you for this opportunity. We love this community!
  3. Thank you for your words. We appreciate a lot every words that come from an enthusiast, like us. of course we have some photos https://www.instagram.com/htdwatch
  4. We thank you for your kind words. We have worked with a lot of passion for this project. Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate it.We would know more about your vision on Kickstarter. We thought our site was a far better certification on our intentions and transparency, for in Italy you have to undergo serious regulations. What we saw on kickstarter is that micro brands sometimes have not a real company behind them and this is ok for some really innovative technological outcomes or ideas, but most of them just use Kickstarter as an ecommerce. If this situation on our website is a holdback for the English-speaking community, we're prone to involve platforms such as kickstarter, but this comes at a pretty high cost for us, so we have to raise prices a little in order to assure our values. But we're open to suggestions and want to be totally transparent with all of the community. Therefore, we have a lab in Florence, Italy, where customers and who's interested, as well, can come visit us and chat. We know, that's maybe not so easy for one or the other, but our doors are open. You're all invited and we hope we've clarified our choices. Please, let us know if Kickstarter is really something you see as a guarantee, so we can start to make a campaign, before we're closing orders. In the original post, is an interview with an Italian Youtuber where we talk a little more on the project.
  5. Very glad to have the Opportunity to write here. We are HTD (Horological Tools Department) Watches. We are a Microbrand from Florence. We started this fantastic Journey in the watch industry 2 years ago, and now we are out with our first collection. In these 2 Years we have built relationship with The Man: Renzo. He is a watchmaker. He was the official Responsible for Zenith watch inspections in Florence from the 60's to 80's and the first Italian inspector for El Primero. After this he decided to open his own laboratory. We met him because we were determined to do something special. With him we have started the HTD Project LAB. We designed a lot of watches and cases but one day we met Renzo's Friend, Piero. Piero Show us the soul of the Mechanics. He had been a motorcycle champion and a mechanic. Then the decision: We will do a Chrono, no doubt! After a scrupulous and careful search, the whole Crew was convinced that the Seagull should be our Engine. Like a motorcycle of the 60's also the Seagull comes from these years. We bought a couple of movements from the official Company. With Renzo we found weakness and merits of this controversial but charming piece. Like an engine of the 60s, we added some oil in the right spots and we fine tuned the "engine idle". After that it was ready to run on Le Mans. So we made the decision that all our creatures had to pass from our hands before the wrist's Customer check. We are now in the ordination phase and we are curious if this project gathers the same enthusiasm as in Italy or more. We have also to say thank you to the creator of this community because we had always a lot of inspiration from the Vintage section ! Here more pics and specs: https://www.htdwatchinstruments.com Here a video Subbed in English:
  6. Hello Everyone, I am very glad to be here. My name is Federico Del Guerra and I founded the HTD (Horological Tools Department). We have tried to convey our passion for watchmaking into this brand. However, before being watchmakers we are also great fans of watches. The Watch Forum is a special place for this. Thank You
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