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  1. I saw a £10,000 solid-gold "Mathey" Incabloc once reduced to £4,999. It wasn't this one, https://www.idealworld.tv/gb/pp/mathey-tissot-gent-s-swiss-solid-18ct-rose-gold-case-watch-with-eta-2824-movement-with-genuine-leather-strap-568039 I did wonder who would buy them? Not that I dispute the quality of branded goods sold on TV as the likes of QVC doesn't sell tat, as they'll only sell you cxxp once, if you follow. The likes of Swan & Edgar watches, etc, tend to look like all the other brands and with similar pricing. Are automatics about £200-250 while quartz £100-120?
  2. Not only that, a genuine bracelet will help a dodgy (fake) body look correct and could lead to conning someone. I'd think that is Rolex main concern?
  3. A few months back I called in at a local jewellery shop, the watches were in the window display facing the afternoon sun, brands such as Tissot, Raymond Weil, plus the likes of Accurist, Boss, Armani, etc. When the owner retrieved some automatics for me to look at, she wouldn't give me them directly preferring to keep them within her own hands, using her palms alternately as a form of heatsink, until it'd cooled somewhat. Is this a bad practice? Both automatics and quartz watches were displayed like this, under the summer sun day after day and of a night, or in winter, under whatever heat
  4. Sorry bud, it was the 'bump' on the right edge of your hand that made it look like the thumb side.
  5. Sorry to keep picking at this but are their replacment parts "part exchange"? So your old stap left with them makes the bill less? Cos that strap on ebay will have been worth... what??.. a hundred or two? More? I'm just asking as I'm curious.
  6. I know looks are subjective but I'd say the certina is your best looking watch. But then I'm on record as a diving watch hater. If you keep that it may come into its own one day (cough.. Maybe when you're older. )
  7. Is that upside down, on your left wrist, so it would appear right way up on a photo?
  8. I know someone who had a stone chip repaired on their windscreen. The crack was so tight the guy couldn't force the doings in there... even using the pump thingy. So he ended up putting a layer* over the crack and spent 15 mins tarting it up with a blade. * I believe there was more than one attempt at this as he kept removing too much with his blade.
  9. I concur. It's a restrained looking watch. I think this year they have a wine/burgundy colour dial that looks fab. To the OP: did they return the old bracelet with the refurbished watch?
  10. Taking the medals is a bit inhuman. Isn't there a 'stolen watch list' online somewhere? I searched and these were the topmost links, I'm sure you could do a more thorough search yourself. www.thewatchregister.com www.mystolenwatch.com Once something from their data is online, e.g. serial No, inscription, etc, and the search engines log it any new purchaser will find it. Good luck
  11. Is that backlit? So needs a battery? Sound + Nodus... you'd be no good on Countdown.
  12. How'd it happen? I wouldn't have thought pulling the bar from the lugs would have been an easy to do and that maybe the bar or the strap would have given way first? Just curious.
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