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  1. I's hate to multiply your doubts but I'd consider these: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/cousins-swiss-style-stainless-steel-9-pieces-rs?code=S57442 9 blades is a wider range of sizes increasing the chances of a perfect fit. Google them to read others opinions on using them.
  2. Re: my bold. Is there a difference in fees between the two sections with the area you chose attracting less income for them? That could explain the "vindictiveness"?
  3. I messed up my purchase in that I bought the watch before I had a aliexpress account. When I did register, I thought I hadn't succeeded as I didn't get a confirmation email, so I registered again with a second email address. So in a mess, I contacted them. God knows where they are, what they speak or what time it was there? But they put me on a chat page and told me the first registration process was correct and that I'd ordered abc from seller xyz, and was there anything else they could help me with? I'd gone from thinking I'd probably lost £80 (cos I didn't even know who I'd boug
  4. I really like the Stowa practice of devoting as much real estate possible on the exhibition back to viewing the mechanism, as mechanisms have a attractiveness to them such as the above example.
  5. Hi bud, No they don't have any in store but will order. The only shop I found with any Hamiltons on show was Earnest Jones and if they'd have had any "American Classics: spirit of liberty" I'd have paid £865 on Saturday! So fate smiled kindly on me Tuesday as I started to see them online for £500 or £580. I did want to see them before I stumped up the rrp but for £500 I figured "It's a £900 watch!" so it must have something about it! I got it today and I've been like a dog with two dicks! Mines the one with a brown strap and mid-grey face. It's a really understated class
  6. Hi I'm looking to buy a Hamilton American Classic "Spirit of Liberty" or a Jazzmaster. The only local stockist to Merseyside that has any (AFAIK) is Earnest Jones and they appear to stock most of the "collections" except what I want. Even the few Jazzmasters they have are quartz. Is there anywhere in the NW that stocks a wide selection of the above as there's about 4 SoL models that I like so I'd want to see them before buying. Same with the Jazzmasters, there's a lot of them that are nice so how is one supposed to choose? I know, the heartache of 'first world' problems
  7. The thing that puts me off chrono 24, and any other used sales, is what if you're buying a watch with a un-optimum movement (slow or fast)?
  8. Last night I was on a page about monkey boots to look this up. They were originally a Czech design for a cheap boot and with the popularity, there were several makers with differences in design. "as some originals remember, a monkey boot with ‘monkey’ spelled along the sole in the tread pattern appeared." https://creaseslikeknives.wordpress.com/2017/12/26/do-the-monkey-eastern-bloc-boots-for-east-end-kids/
  9. Monkey boots? There's a blast from the past...didn't they used to have the word MONKEY down the centre of the tread pattern?
  10. Here's the older brother, why add bits of yellow when you can use a lot? ;-)
  11. A local clothes shop was willing to do this for £305. It's a Tissot Everytime Swissmatic 40mm. I liked it but not enough.
  12. Thxs Jet & all. No, you mis-understand where I am coming from. I just want a proper (i.e. cogs, spring, etc) sturdy (i.e. well-made) and attractive watch. The swiss & Japanese seem to be the best? but I'm open to English automatics if under about £900. I've addressed the resale value above. I'm just trying to get a grip of the subject before I buy anything. I don't seek a ROI, I wish to avoid axxl rxpx and bxggxry (commercially speaking)
  13. That's what I've done and why I'm where I'm at. Re: bits in bold Re: post-sale value. I just wanted to know where this class/level of watch was in the horolosphere. Who has the Hamilton/Tissot discounts? Rhanks
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