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  1. Thanks bud, it sounds like you may get a odd-sized mvt. to run in a too big of a case, but the accuracy will suck, etc. But I'll put them back in case I ever get the desire (and eyesight) to be a watch repairer (dismantler). ;-)
  2. Will someone give me a approximate ballpark £ for getting a movement serviced? I have a handful of old Mvts. that I'd like to re-use, the most appropriate two being the above 'Slava 2414' and there's a 'Raketa 2609.HA' that belonged in a gold-plated 19 jewel Sekonda. I have a 'Parnis Yachtmaster' that I've hated due to the brown, diver-style dial. Does anyone have experience of these (Parnis) pseudo-rolex cases? Would it be feasible to put either Russian mvt. into this case? This latter watch had a Miyota 8215 mvt. within. The Slava 2414 is behind a 31-32mm dial. That will fit under the rehaut of the Parnis. The date window is approx. the same distance from . As it stands now, the crown in the 2414 is 18mm from the dials central axle to the outer edge of the case, the miyota is about 20mm. I appreciate this is all a "how longs a piece of string" type of question, but I would love to get these things from the "never worn" box and onto my wrist. ;-)
  3. Thanks for hosting the catalogue.. it was informative.
  4. I've an old watch bought in probably Poland in the early or mid 90s. The case has no signs of wear as I hardly wore it, the plastic crystal has cracked, the winder appears to work OK but the 'knob' is loose. The movt. appears to wind and change date ok but it only works if the watch is lain on its face. I'd like to use it again with the original Intuvex dial, after a clean & adjustment? and maybe with a glass crystal? Would anyone hazard a guess if the (35mm) Yellow metal case is brass or gilded? Any ideas or advice? Comments? The watch does have sentimental value.
  5. Is it also industry practice to charge for adjusting a bracelet? CW want £10 to adjust the bracelet of the above C60/600
  6. ... and if the first gentle taps don't work, try a hard, purposeful swing!
  7. Isn't there "know how" in adjusting the timing once it's back together? My point is you could probably put it together again, with no parts left over, but will it run perfectly again?
  8. What can you use for the correct time signal? I'm using a clock on my phone over wireless internet but I know that's not perfect. If radio what's the best station, etc?
  9. I saw a £10,000 solid-gold "Mathey" Incabloc once reduced to £4,999. It wasn't this one, https://www.idealworld.tv/gb/pp/mathey-tissot-gent-s-swiss-solid-18ct-rose-gold-case-watch-with-eta-2824-movement-with-genuine-leather-strap-568039 I did wonder who would buy them? Not that I dispute the quality of branded goods sold on TV as the likes of QVC doesn't sell tat, as they'll only sell you cxxp once, if you follow. The likes of Swan & Edgar watches, etc, tend to look like all the other brands and with similar pricing. Are automatics about £200-250 while quartz £100-120? Not that I watch it much... cough...
  10. Not only that, a genuine bracelet will help a dodgy (fake) body look correct and could lead to conning someone. I'd think that is Rolex main concern?
  11. A few months back I called in at a local jewellery shop, the watches were in the window display facing the afternoon sun, brands such as Tissot, Raymond Weil, plus the likes of Accurist, Boss, Armani, etc. When the owner retrieved some automatics for me to look at, she wouldn't give me them directly preferring to keep them within her own hands, using her palms alternately as a form of heatsink, until it'd cooled somewhat. Is this a bad practice? Both automatics and quartz watches were displayed like this, under the summer sun day after day and of a night, or in winter, under whatever heating the shop directed towards the window displays. I don't think a watch being heated day after day will be good for it, will it?
  12. Sorry bud, it was the 'bump' on the right edge of your hand that made it look like the thumb side.
  13. Sorry to keep picking at this but are their replacment parts "part exchange"? So your old stap left with them makes the bill less? Cos that strap on ebay will have been worth... what??.. a hundred or two? More? I'm just asking as I'm curious.
  14. I know looks are subjective but I'd say the certina is your best looking watch. But then I'm on record as a diving watch hater. If you keep that it may come into its own one day (cough.. Maybe when you're older. )
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