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  1. Have Victorinox Inox watch which have noticed the second hand does not align with markers. Is this a fault or is this normal for this brand. Have Citizen eco drive watch which is much cheaper but they align perfectly. Is there anything I can do? Or is this to be expected in more expensive watch brands
  2. Has anyone got this one in the 37mm version. Know that it has sapphire glass 200 metres water resistant but what I need to do is is the rubber strap hard or soft, assuming this watch will last a long time.
  3. Thanks for that didn’t realise about the hands, would like having luminous hands might improve it. They have faded now. The dial I like but like the idea of a watch restored to its former glory though, have something that no one else has I guess
  4. Have repaired my dad old Hatton watch, had full service and new glass fitted. Is there anything else I could do. Would love the hands cleaned possibly luminous again and maybe the dial restored which I know will be expensive . Love this watch and novice about what can and should be done. Case is okay, not pitted
  5. Have repaired Hatton Watch that belonged to my dad, it is Mechanical and 17 jewel movement. Love the whole mechanical watch. Does anyone know of any other brands vintage or new that are mechanical. Don’t want to spend thousands. Know that if I buy off eBay chances are Watch might not work
  6. Seen this watch, like the look of it but want to know whether to restore the dial and replace the crown. Think the numbers should be black, case is in good condition. Would need the crown replacing. Not sure on cost. Anyone else down this and how much does it cost? Could you do anything with the hands https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Andrew-Co-Hatton-Watch-By-Amida-17-Jewels-GWO/153864482765?hash=item23d309afcd:g:lloAAOSw9jdebM4F
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I am wearing it and loving it to be honest with you. Wished removed it from my dads possessions sooner. Not bad for watch from late 50s. Love the mechanical aspect of it, wish today’s watches were like it
  8. Is there anything I can do. Recently serviced my dads old watch and put on new strap and battery, watch repairers said that it is pitted. can I still wear it. Too me it looks okay. If I don’t wear it how can I prevent further erosion
  9. Has anyone got this brand and are the watches any good? Bought Helvicta model last year and within a couple of months stopped working. Just interested in the classic railways version, know they are only water resistant to 30 metres and have stainless steel case.
  10. About to buy my first Pocket watch, decided on a brand new one. Looking at the Mondaine or the Tissot lepone https://uk.mondaine.com/products/specials-43mm-stainless-steel-pocket-watch-a660-30316-11sbb https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-en/shop/tissot-lepine-quartz-eta-f06-111-10.html which is the better brand. Know that the mondaine comes with a leather pouch for storage but the Tissot Lepine has a nice box. Going forward will be buying acrylic stand. Both of them have 3 jewels movement so nothing special
  11. Just had my dads old watch repaired. The case is pitted so need some advice on how to store it. Think a watch box might be good. She I get one with display window or covered. Want to prevent further damage if possible https://www.fhinds.co.uk/gifts-and-collectibles/watch-boxes/Lockable-Five-Part-Black-Watch-Box-A1957 https://www.johnlewis.com/stackers-double-watch-box/p3515245
  12. Love the watch but the strap looks dirty after only a few weeks, any ideas what to clean it with
  13. Looking to start collecting pocket watches and think my first one should be an open face Tissot Lepine https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-gb/shop/t8634099905700.html Is this a good one, love the dark colour. Have seen acrylic stand to display on which might be good but any helps about display or storage would be appreciated
  14. Are Citizen Eco drive watches any good? Have always bought quartz watches but have seen one of these which I like. Not sure whether they will last long term. Are they reliable for time keeping
  15. Have to be quartz though? Was keen on a citizen eco drive model but not sure about long term use
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