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  1. I think that Tim Holzhäuser's skills as a professional journalist are on show: he's well structured, presents interesting things in an interesting way, and only puts carefully calculated measures of his genuine personality into the show. Also, his own intelligence comes into the show without his appearing to use it as a weapon. Also, he plays guitar beautifully, dresses very well for the screen, and is very videogenic. TGV has a bit of the professional Englishman in his presentation - he says that things wouldn't be 'gentlemanly' in a way that probably appeals to Americans - but the cheeky chappie presentation (I won't say 'act' because for all I know he is a genuine cheeky chappie) can be a bit wearying. He also injects rather a lot of this persona into the show, and not necessarily in a good way, which might be why people feel like trolling him. (And didn't he quit vlogging for about six weeks and then start again?) I'm liking Jory Goodman (The Time Teller) just now: he comes on a bit strong, but his content seems to be equally strong.
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