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  1. @Grand Old Duke I generally wear a different one each day, so they get a decent rotation. The main issue now is my collection is always growing so I'll have to wear one on each wrist. Here's a couple I've managed to finish up this week, some repairs, some just finalising with straps. I've had to order another case to store them.
  2. @Jari37 I've definitely got the bug and doing my best to learn. Fortunately the beloved gets distracted when I come across womens watches, so I get a bit of leeway with my ever expanding collection.
  3. I've had a couple of Everite watches, and all have been of good quality, ranging from being cased in Dennison meteor cushion cases, up to 9ct gold cases. As a starting point for collecting, I'd say they are pretty good as the majority look good and if something goes wrong you won't be overly upset as they didn't break the bank to obtain. As @spinynormanhas said above, they are most commonly known for H Samuel's, but Rotary have been involved too, and I'd imagine a few others may have a connection along the way. Here's one I picked up for a fiver, at that price you can't go wrong.
  4. Hi all, first post on the main forums for myself, hopefully I'm within the rules. I've been working on this trench style watch for a while, all is working solidly now and yesterday, tobpass some isolation time, I sanded down a pocket watch glass to replace the yellowed acrylic crystal. What I haven't been able to figure out is who the makers mark belongs to. I've looked high and low online and had no joy, so hopefully someone here has seen it before and can enlighten me. Thanks in advance Dan
  5. Hi all, sorry for the delay, been a bit hectic since I signed up. Here's a selection from my collection, it's always expanding. The top row in that case were gifts, the majority of the others are ones a bought as non working but managed to bring back to life. A few more Roamers are on my desk at the moment, including a searock and a vidar Thanks for the warm welcome Dan
  6. Hi all, thanks for all the help in these pages I've used previously, now I've joined up as this place is a massively valuable resource. My collection is primarily vintage, although there's a few modern ones in there. Hopefully it will continue to expand. Thanks again all Dan
  7. Hi all, finally decided to sign up and say hell. UK watch collector and self admitted watch bodger, despite many repairs I'm nowhere near watch maker level but I do my best. I'd like to say thank you for the advice these forums have given me in the past (thanks to Google) and I hope you can continue to help me in the future and maybe I can share my limited knowledge. It's always good to know that the community is thriving, despite the declining number of proper watchmakers, and hopefully we can keep these vintage timepieces going with out combined knowledge. Thanks for everything so far and thanks in advance for any future advice Dan
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