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  1. Hi All, So, I'm very new to all things horological.. I started drooling over Constantin Vacheron watches on Bloomberg, observed with interest an article there too about a new Swiss watchmaker charging $50k for his first watch and so on. An ex-gf bought me a Lorus (if I recall correctly), that made me feel more dressed up and elegant whilst wearing it, despite the budget price. Now I'm looking to buy a watch, and I don't have any issues with buying a used watch as long as the provenance is verifiable and it's in good (and good working) condition, since I haven't learned anything whatsoever about watch repair and maintenance, although I'd like to in the future! As a brief aside, I am an audiophile, for those to whom the term has any meaning, interested in portable high quality audio products. I joined a website called Head-Fi back in 2012 as a complete newbie with zero knowledge, and now I receive free products to review and spend time helping out newbies and experienced members alike. I say this - I hasten to add - not to boast, but merely to illustrate that I have walked the path of discovering a new passion, learning from zero and then returning the favour through my own contributions as my own knowledge developed. So I write all this with the utmost respect for you all, and any advice you might give. However, it seems that my tastes are perhaps slightly different than that of many on this site, at least, judging from a bit of a browse through WRUW posts and other images/recommendations. I'll post here a selection of watches from £25 - £1000 that have recently caught my eye for one reason or another. I'd guess they'd mostly be classed as 'modern' designs? Please don't castigate me over the brands (or the designs, haha!); I'm here to humbly request advice and a degree of mentoring to help me to learn. As such, these examples are more to give you some idea of a range of designs appeal to me aesthetically, as opposed to any endorsement of the specific brands or inner machinery. Caveats aside, here goes: I like the straight edges to the bezel, the clear and uncluttered face of the watch, the rose gold colour and the colour of the leather strap, along with the way it's stitched and shaped. https://www.amazon.co.uk/District-London-Oxford-Mens-Watch/dp/B072R6P859/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Slightly atypical choice for me here, but this Omega DeVille caught my eye. I am not normally attracted to so much unadulterated gold bling, but it maintains a certain 'I don't know what' https://www.vestiairecollective.com/men-accessories/watches/omega/gold-gold-plated-de-ville-omega-watch-8709709.shtml This Tissot just about passes muster looks-wise for me. I like the Roman numerals on the dial and again, the relatively clean and uncluttered appearance. https://www.vestiairecollective.com/men-accessories/watches/tissot/steel-tissot-watch-8103346.shtml This Tiffany watch impressed me - again - for its simple, elegant and crafted design. https://www.therealreal.com/products/watches/strap/tiffany-and-co-atlas-watch-OPgElugWicE?position=10 As is probably becoming obvious, I am not really a fan of watches with metal straps, nor designs like most diving or sports watches! Having said all that, I love good design and engineering, and as such have developed something of a fascination for watches with complex timepieces (skeleton watches?): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ingersoll-Automatic-Skeleton-Leather-I00401/dp/B01JG1JUU4/ref=sr_1_33?crid=2XD5U12CNFXVP&keywords=skeleton+watches+for+men&qid=1574189397&s=watch&sprefix=skel%2Cwatches%2C133&sr=1-33 So, my budget is very variable. Ideally, I'd like to find something ideally in the £50 - £150 range to start, but you can recommend me things even up to £1000 as well, because I can always save up if I fall in love with it Finding recommendations that are well made and reliable that fit my tastes is more important to me here than price, if that makes sense! If you have any further advice - even if that consists of just pointing me to appropriate threads on here - regarding good places to buy, things to check and so forth, it's all welcome! Well, I hope you can help. If you have read this far, I salute you and thank you for your time I should add that I have unusually thin wrists; about 6.25" in circumference. I prefer a comparatively large watch case size (with regards to diameter; the opposite is true for case thickness!), but not sure what case size would be appropriate for my wrist size? I like skeleton watches - as mentioned above, but I wonder if the case might appear too thick on me? Ideally looking for recommendations for both simple/elegant watches as well as skeleton watches. Even if it's just brand suggestions to investigate. Again, many thanks and feel free to ask any questions if it would help!
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