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  1. Haha thanks for the advice but I am not trying to rack up the post I really want to know the answers to my questions Haha I guess I might of just got abit excited Haha
  2. Anybody know of any watch expeditions/ shows in the north of England , cheers
  3. Does anybody know of any watch expeditions / shows in the north of england ???
  4. Maybe like a 2011 39mm one with sapphire case back That's a very nice piece maybe on the more chunky side for me tho
  5. I've seen the relatively good prices on the second hand market recently I presume your taking about brand new from AD ?
  6. Could someone suggest a good seller on here or other sites that has a good example vintage seamaster manually wound ?
  7. Thoughts on the aqua terra 150 ?
  8. Haha I got my bb58 last week right timing I guess
  9. Cheers mate I'll check him out
  10. So I am looking to buy my next watch any good suggestions I was along the lines of a speedy reduced, seamaster or a vintage seamaster 600 ?
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