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  1. It's a shame when a manufacturer gets cute and puts people off a possibly attractive product. Sentiment here may not favour new quartz with fussy dials, but I liked the Timex Yacht Racer when I saw it a few years ago. I might have been put off as one poster here was by the 'requirement' to send the watch back to get the battery changed. What?! It turns out that this is not actually required. I use the starting timer functions sailing, and all that electro mechanism does actually drain the battery, so a little over two years later I had to change it. Of course the perpetual calendar, the main reason I bought it anyway, goes went to 'day 1', which is 1 January 2014. That's when I found the "instruction" to send it back to Timex. I Googled for days, but found that all similar references were expired/moved/deleted or referred to previous models with somewhat different procedures. Some forum conversation gave me clues, and I had just about figured it out when I goofed and discovered you get just one shot, after which you must get the battery out and back in to start over. Here's the story. The day1 state occurs always and only when you replace the battery. Timex service claims they have "a machine" for "calibration", but I can't see what that is other than allowing the battery to stay put. Maybe also the machine can read the current date without using the watch face. I'm using the watch face, so I went back down to Timpson because I fear pulling these things apart, and the tech took the battery out and put it back, handing it to me before closing it. First pull the stem out to the second click. If after changing the battery, something has made the stopwatch/chrono hand (call it 'chrono') land somewhere other than '0'/12 o'clock (call it '0'), use the start/stop button at 2 o'clock and/or the chrono reset button at 4 o'clock to put the chrono hand dead on '0'. Push the stem back in. You know you're in day1 if you pull the stem out to the second click and, after the chrono hand does a 360, and after another 5 seconds, it does not then go to the '1' on the Perfect Date ring or to your previous current day. If you are in day1, after the 360, the chrono hand will stay on '0'. Push the stem back in and pull it out one click to the middle position. Push and hold the Mode button at the 8 o'clock position. The chrono hand will move around to 14 on the Perfect Date ring for 2014, the year Yacht Racer, and maybe other IQ watches, were issued. Use the chrono reset button at the 4 o'clock position to move the chrono hand further to the current year, say 19 for 2019. If you go too far you can use the start/stop button at the 2 o'clock position to move it back. When the year is correct, push the Mode button, but don't hold it. The chrono hand will move to '1' on the Perfect Date ring for 'January'. Use the chrono reset button and maybe the start/stop button to move the chrono hand to the current 1-12 month. Push the Mode button and the chrono hand will move again to '1', this time for the first day of the month. Use chrono reset and start/stop to put the chrono hand on the current day, OR as I did, the day before, so you can simplify where you are with midnight later when you set the time. When the chrono hand is on the correct day, push the Mode button. The chrono hand will return to '0'. Push the stem back in. The perpetual calendar has been set and I wasn't able to set it again until the battery came out and back in. Before closing the watch, check the operation of Perfect Date by pressing the stem to make sure the chrono hand goes to the day of the month as you set it. Close the watch and set the time, being careful about where you are with midnight. Don't know if this will sell any more Yacht Racers, and I'm pretty sure that engineering this repair myself relieves me of any copyright problems. Hope this helps other owners of IQ Series watches.
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