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  1. Hi vinn. No I didn't check the voltage on the old battery. I'm not sure how important that is. Also not sure if I still have the old battery as thought to install a new one to see if it might start working but it hasn't. If I do still have the battery I will check the voltage. Thanks.
  2. Andyclient, this is the watch: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNAUgzOfOY6heLBuMREexU6h5qQJFJaq4H6u24E
  3. Hi andyclient. The watch is similar but has a rotating bezel. The brand name is Riva. I will try and see if I can attach a photo. Not sure how easy it will be or whether I am allowed seeing I have only just joined and not got many posts.
  4. The battery was fine with no leaks at all when it was removed. The watch isn't an expensive model at all but its more sentimental. You probably won't have even heard of it and probably think its not worth looking at. The brand name is Riva and it was described as a divers analogue watch with an LCD display.
  5. I purchased a brand new diver's watch but for some reason didn't really feel like wearing it so put it away temporarily. It ended up being in its box for over 25 years. Now I need a watch I decided to use t and thought it was working when it was stored so would just need a new battery. Having had a new battery installed, it didn't work. No hand movements and the small LCD display didn't light up either. Is there anything that I can do to try and see if it will work? As said it was brand new and had just being stored. Thanks.
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