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  1. Hi Don, well, there's a coincidence....I too have just joined this welcoming bunch of nutters after having given up motorcycles [ due to a long overdue respect for my arms and legs ]. I suppose there are many similarities between watches and bikes, being able to take them apart and tinker so to speak. Although I find that watches react less well than bikes to having bits left over! I am 55 as well, maybe this is the age that wisdom finally starts to assert itself. I look forward to more posts from you... Best regards Steve
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. Can you give me any more info about the ' de carles book you mentioned.... is it a watchmakers 'bible'? If not could you suggest such a thing please. Cheers Steve
  3. Cheers guys, you have all just confirmed what I suspected....All hope is lost! Oh well , there are worse things I suppose, and at least I have the support and forbearance of you fellow afflicted inmates of this forum. [ Like a leper colony I suppose ]. I might as well jump in the deep end, I have just discovered the Seiko 5, there seem to be hundreds of them! But they are all so lovely and different...…. I will learn how to post pictures so I can share with you, but FYI today I am wearing my beloved 1954 Bulova '23' Self-winding. Ok, I am off to pester Simon now..... talk s
  4. Hi Simon, I am fairly new to watch repair / restoration but have really got into it, nothing has interested me so much for years. So you might have to get used to me pestering you with 'noob questions' [ I promise to try to research first and not come directly to you, it is part of the fun after all ]. Anyway, I have bought one of those cheap [£6} blue devices from ebay and have been adding a ' de-magnetise' to my watch service actions. What I was wondering is that 'can you overly de-magnetise a watch?' and ' is it ok to de-magnetise every watch as part of a general service?'
  5. Hi Michael, I too am new to watch repair / restoration, but I have a Bulova '23', not the exact same model but close enough, and it looks to me that it is a case of removing the crown and winding stem to drop everything out the back so to speak. It sounds daunting but it is not too difficult a job and there are plenty of tutorials on youtube. Maybe practice with a dead watch first though. Please do not take my words as gospel as , like I mentioned I am a beginner too, and I am sure that there are wiser heads out there who could give you better advice. Good luck …. Steve
  6. Hi Everyone, my first go at uploading a photo onto this site so here goes: Today I am wearing my 1954 23 jewel , selfwinding, Bulova. I have just acquired it from the estate of an ex-watchmaker, and it is immaculate for it's age, keeps ok time, but just looks so stylish. And you know that nobody else in the room is going to be wearing the same. It is hard to get off my wrist, it is so comfortable that I often sleep in it. For sure my favourite purchase since I became bitten by the bug,,,,, Sorry all, my tech skills have let me down. Off to learn how to upload photos now..... will try
  7. Hello Fellow Enthusiasts / [ Sufferers ]. I have never joined a forum or any other online group [ only forced into 'facebook' last year ], but I find that in this instance it is the only thing that might help; About 6 months ago I found a 9ct gold ladies Rotary 'Maximus' [1960's?] in the street. I took it to the police station who informed me that due to budget cuts they no longer deal with lost property and to take it to the council offices instead. This done they informed me thet nobody had declared it missing and that if this was still the case then the watch would be legally mine
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