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  1. thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. when I originally found the watch I was convinced it was a high end replica .... hence why I didn’t report it and also let my son wear it to school. Personally I think it’s fallen off someone’s wrist. As when I found it, one of the pins to hold the scrap was snapped, and the watch was laying flat on the tarmac. If the watch had been thrown out the window and a car had gone over it, it would have totally mushed the strap and clasp but they’re in great condition. Ive used a paperclip only to hold it together and in place - budget repair. now that I’m told it’s really authentic I’m certainly going to report it when I return to the area I found it. I actually have a feeling of nostalgia, as I found a watch whilst playing in the autumn leaves when I was about 10 and handed it into the police station and got it back 6 weeks later .... all I remember is it was a blue strapped ladies watch but I felt like I’d found treasure. Is there an online portal to report things FOUND .....or just a portal for something LOST ? although I’m sure if I report this online I’ll get a hundred people saying it’s theirs ! ive google searched, searched social media platforms and will be discussing this with my pal who’s a copper when I see him on Friday.
  2. Pictures of the watch.... Sorry for the multiple posts of pictures.... I’m learning..... https://postimg.cc/gallery/287e35lca/ Pictures uploaded Wrench I’d have thought by now their insurance would have paid out
  3. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to look at my first post as a newbie. The reason for joining the forum is because I found an AP watch ...... Nooooo, I hear you say.... but oh Yes I did. I found the watch in the road, saw it glistening from a distance in the fast lane, as the traffic was crawling along, so when I got level with it, I opened my car door and lent down a picked it up. As soon as I saw it was an AP, you can imagine I was thinking: This can’t be real. It has some road rash on the bezel but generally it’s in very very good condition considering it was in the gutter. I showed it to my lad and he took some links out and was wearing it to school. Then, this weekend just gone on a business trip I took the watch to an AP dealer and they authenticated the watch as genuine..... !!! So..... what do I do..... ? Take it to the Police and hand it in (hoping they don’t have any interest in it and it’s returned to us as ‘finders keepers’ ? Wear it as is ? Send it off to AP for a refurb, which is likely to cost me around £1,500 or more ? (Knowing if AP have it recorded as lost/stolen then I won’t see it again) What would be your thoughts on what to do with it ? Will upload a pictures shortly .... just working out how to..... (I love a nice watch, but the AP isn’t really a bit of me, I’d be more at home with other brands or some cash in the bank !) Thanks in advance .....
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