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  1. Just waiting for the pulley to be made then I can get on as I need to make a few barrel hooks and some screws, should be this week . Dell
  2. Hi all well got the motor back from the engineer today whisper quite now the chap on eBay didn’t want to know ( to be expected I suppose) he said he would have it back but I am sure he knew I wouldn’t send it back because of how rare they are and the cost to send it back, will have to put it down to experience and not buy from Germany again. note the shaft is the other way round because I am left handed it would have put the switch on the back so I asked the engineer to turn the cradle round. Dell
  3. Hi all hope everyone staying safe well I have been looking for a Multifix M80 motor and finally found one in Germany, I checked with him that it was in good condition and he said it was in top condition so I paid top money for it, well it turned up today and the bearings have gone Very annoying, have taken it to the local motor repair shop and it’s going to cost £75 to replace them, have emailed seller but we will see if and what he has to say if I don’t get any joy there is always PayPal to hopefully help. watch this space. Dell
  4. This may sound like a silly question but you have the springs all have tension? The next thing to try is remove hands and movement out of case and check to see if escape wheel drops when you rock the hanger as if it was the pendulum doing it, let me know and we will go from there. always”watching you don’t have to have the chimes working I have two Westminster chime and one American that I just have time working. Dell
  5. Being an old man with gout in both hands I find them reasonably easy to work on although I have a bit of trouble with the midget torsion clocks but I won’t give in. Dell Hi Wheelnut69 its probably been knocked out of beat, lift one side of the clock a bit and see if it will run if not lift other side and see if it will run one side or the other post back and I will tell you how to get it in beat, that is the most probable thing so try that first. Dell
  6. I have a couple of smiths clocks ( Westminster chime) a couple of Kinzle an American 30 hour ( that was my dads ) and about 20 torsion clocks, they are all pleasing in there own way, very addictive aren’t they. Dell
  7. Hi all As this is a watch forum I would have thought there would have been a watchmakers lathe forum because although I only do clocks I can’t be the only person to have a watchmakers lathe, unless I am missing something. Dell
  8. Nice clock how can you accidentally buy a clock ? Dell
  9. Hopefully I can do that one day. Dell
  10. Hi nevenbekriev the trouble with using a steel ring pressed over the barrel is I restore torsion clocks with glass dome you would be able to see it , and I am not confident enough yet to make a new barrel, I say yet as hopefully I will be one day. Dell
  11. Most of the clock barrels I repair are due to a spring letting go and the barrel invariably ends up with a split, that is the reason I use silver solder because it has more strength than soft solder, the barrel will time harden anyway and I always planish the soldered joint Before filling and polishing so that work hardens it as well but you are correct the heat will soften the brass that’s why I never wind a clock past 1/2 way to start with. i have never had one strip the teeth but I understand what you are saying.
  12. Hi Paul when I replace a hook in a torsion spring barrel I drill a hole on the other side to the original hole after pegging the original hole with brass and silver solder to give it its strength after drilling new hole I lightly counter sink the out side of said hole, I then turn a new hook on the lathe , although it doesn’t look like a hook, it looks like a small nail with a step in the shaft, so people use a small nail and make the hole very slightly smaller , put nail in from inside and rest it on a chisel set in vice then use a punch with a hole in just big enough to go over the protruding nail shaft, drift it in until the head is close to the inside of the barrel but enough to catch the spring then cut the nail shaft off bet leave it 1mm proud put it back on the chisel still in vice and pean the shaft into the counter sink that will stop the hook pulling out. i don’t know where you are if in UK I can turn you up a hook but you will need to determine what size you need, that’s if you don’t want to use a nail but I think that is your best bet. Hope this helps Dell
  13. Hi nevenbekriev sorry for the late reply but I have been unwell, but the main problem I have is with using a graver as I have never used one before but I am sure I will get there, the materials is bright mild steel and brass but I haven’t made much with this lathe ( IME watchmakers lathe) I am just practising but I don’t want to make the parts I need (steel screws and brass finials)until I am fairly confident I am not going to cock it up. Dell
  14. Ok Nevenbekriev I will give that a go I have two spare wax chucks cheers Dell
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