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  1. Hi Hobbyist sorry for late reply but for a beginner you’re best bet is to get a cheap single train clock something like a Smiths and if you google open clock club you can watch for free on zoom and ask questions ( how to repair pendulum clocks ) hope this helps Dell
  2. Hi Graham sorry for the late reply but anything that contains ammonia ( but not to much )as it if left in to long it can affect the brass, I use priory No 1 from priory polishes, Horolene is expensive and I don’t think it is any better. Dell ( DON’T BREATH THE VAPOUR)
  3. Hi all just thought I would share my first experience of removing a broken screw stub from a 1900 French four glass corner post, I soaked it in a concentration of Alum for days then someone on NAWCC forum said it would work quicker if heat was used well they were correct just a day to dissolve the steel stub, just need to run a tap through all the threads a bit of copper slip on screw threads and it’s good to go. Dell
  4. We didn’t say just repair or replace the barrel of course the movement should be stripped cleaned and checked prior to re assembly, all we were commenting on was the lack of power, and yes probably not just the bulge in the barrel but that was what Dilly was asking if the bulge could be the problem. I have had this with a few Torsion clocks and the safest way is to make and fit a new barrel hook and fit 180 deg around the other side but I don’t replace the mainspring very often. Dell
  5. Hi the bulge in the mainspring barrel is the reason it only runs for a couple of days the spring is probably binding, you need to remove the barrel then remove mainspring then depending what hook it has , if it has a steel hook drill it out straighten barrel then make a new hook and drill and fit it 180 deg round the other side , if the hook is part of the barrel then i would still do above as it’s easier than straightening the barrel then trying to re position the hook as it will make it weak and if i snaps off it can do a lot of damage. Dell PS you can still get new barrels try h s Walsh or cousins
  6. Just a quick update I have purchased this ( see photo) had to fit new bearings but very happy with it now.
  7. Hi sorry for the late reply but haven’t been on forum for a while it looks like your clock is out of beat , what you need to do i set the clock running and tilt it up at one side just a little bit if it stops tilt the other side if the tick is even when you tilt one side or the other it is out of beat , so just for arguments sake if you lift the left side and the tick is then even you need to adjust the pendulum towards the left but only a very small amount, to do this put a finger on the arm at the point where the pendulum is hanging from gently push to the left until you feel resistance then just a very small bit further as it is a friction fit to the anchor it will move, then retest, vice versa if the tick is even when you lift the right. hope this helps Dell
  8. Just waiting for the pulley to be made then I can get on as I need to make a few barrel hooks and some screws, should be this week . Dell
  9. Hi all well got the motor back from the engineer today whisper quite now the chap on eBay didn’t want to know ( to be expected I suppose) he said he would have it back but I am sure he knew I wouldn’t send it back because of how rare they are and the cost to send it back, will have to put it down to experience and not buy from Germany again. note the shaft is the other way round because I am left handed it would have put the switch on the back so I asked the engineer to turn the cradle round. Dell
  10. Hi all hope everyone staying safe well I have been looking for a Multifix M80 motor and finally found one in Germany, I checked with him that it was in good condition and he said it was in top condition so I paid top money for it, well it turned up today and the bearings have gone Very annoying, have taken it to the local motor repair shop and it’s going to cost £75 to replace them, have emailed seller but we will see if and what he has to say if I don’t get any joy there is always PayPal to hopefully help. watch this space. Dell
  11. This may sound like a silly question but you have the springs all have tension? The next thing to try is remove hands and movement out of case and check to see if escape wheel drops when you rock the hanger as if it was the pendulum doing it, let me know and we will go from there. always”watching you don’t have to have the chimes working I have two Westminster chime and one American that I just have time working. Dell
  12. Being an old man with gout in both hands I find them reasonably easy to work on although I have a bit of trouble with the midget torsion clocks but I won’t give in. Dell Hi Wheelnut69 its probably been knocked out of beat, lift one side of the clock a bit and see if it will run if not lift other side and see if it will run one side or the other post back and I will tell you how to get it in beat, that is the most probable thing so try that first. Dell
  13. I have a couple of smiths clocks ( Westminster chime) a couple of Kinzle an American 30 hour ( that was my dads ) and about 20 torsion clocks, they are all pleasing in there own way, very addictive aren’t they. Dell
  14. Hi all As this is a watch forum I would have thought there would have been a watchmakers lathe forum because although I only do clocks I can’t be the only person to have a watchmakers lathe, unless I am missing something. Dell
  15. Nice clock how can you accidentally buy a clock ? Dell
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