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  1. Two weeks ago, I picked up a new Sub (black dial with date) from an AD. This was just a day or two before they closed the doors due to Corona V. It was not on display, but they produced it from the safe. They wern't supposed to have any, or so they wanted me to believe from an earlier visit. I have just ordered an Oris Aquis / Clean Ocean & got in 25% off. I got the Rolex less tha MSRP too. Now is a very good time to buy imo. My own pic, not from the web.
  2. Have a look at Maen. I've been most impressed. I got a Hudson 42mm with white chapter ring. https://www.maenwatches.com/
  3. Well, so far this year I've purchased a Helson, Seiko, Maen, G Shock Mudman, Vostoks & a Glycine. I might receive my Vostok sometime this calendar year!
  4. Only once have I purchased watches (2) with the intent on making a profit. I don't see watches as an investment. Until this time, I've never sold or traded. Just can't. This translates into a large collection - now just over 300 watches. Wife also collects and her collection is slightly larger than mine. About 5 years ago, I had the chance to buy 2 Rolex day/date Presidents in platinum with mother of pearl dials with diamond indices. From what I knew at the time, was that these would likely rise in value (no kidding!). Into the safe they went untouched. I sold them both 13 months later to a big time collector & pocketed $110,000.00 USD profit.
  5. BK, I was raised in Oakville. Lived there for 27 years. Lived near Blakelock High School & Hopedale Mall area. Cheers! Roarry
  6. I'm new here (thanks for having me). I'm not new to watches, I've been collecting since 2011. My ever growing collection, in part, consists of: IWC, Seiko, Vostok, Rolex, JLC, Zenith, Dan Henry, Zelos, Citizen, Orient, Casio (G- Shock) Bulova, Ocean Crawler etc. And so it goes! I'm looking forward to both learning and sharing. Here's a few pics.
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