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  1. Well, not an easy choice. You poor guy! I've got 2 Rollies, one with a cyclops & on with out. Just based on this item alone, I'd say Explorer. Over all, I dig the look of the Explorer. Clean & simple. Can't go wrong.
  2. I'm going to say Tag Heuer too. I believe they've long since lost their way. I no longer have any interest in the brand.
  3. For me it's comfort 1st, followed closely by legibility. Then it's quality / workmanship / materials & size.
  4. I like it alot. Any G is good fun. You need at least one!
  5. I'll go quality over quantity every time. A Sinn would be nice.
  6. My problem is I never sell or trade (only once did I purchase 2 identical pieces to flip) I do however gift many to friends & family & to younger folks who do not yet understand the joys of an automatic watch.
  7. I have 13 twelve slot cases, 4 six lot boxes, a winder that holds 10 pieces & a box that contains another dozen that I rarely wear. I am having made a wooden case that will hold about 60 watches. Scheduled to arrive on Monday June 14.
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