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  1. Yes, you're spot on with the movement. - Valjioux 7750.
  2. I have 3 Rolex watches. No one has ever commented on them. I prefer it this way. I wear them almost everywhere, but not a great deal because I have a large collection. Only my activity dictates what, or if, I'll wear a watch. Same goes for my Omegas, IWCs, Breitlings etc.
  3. Two weeks ago, I picked up a new Sub (black dial with date) from an AD. This was just a day or two before they closed the doors due to Corona V. It was not on display, but they produced it from the safe. They wern't supposed to have any, or so they wanted me to believe from an earlier visit. I have just ordered an Oris Aquis / Clean Ocean & got in 25% off. I got the Rolex less tha MSRP too. Now is a very good time to buy imo. My own pic, not from the web.
  4. Have a look at Maen. I've been most impressed. I got a Hudson 42mm with white chapter ring. https://www.maenwatches.com/
  5. Well, so far this year I've purchased a Helson, Seiko, Maen, G Shock Mudman, Vostoks & a Glycine. I might receive my Vostok sometime this calendar year!
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