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  1. Well, not an easy choice. You poor guy! I've got 2 Rollies, one with a cyclops & on with out. Just based on this item alone, I'd say Explorer. Over all, I dig the look of the Explorer. Clean & simple. Can't go wrong.
  2. I'm going to say Tag Heuer too. I believe they've long since lost their way. I no longer have any interest in the brand.
  3. For me it's comfort 1st, followed closely by legibility. Then it's quality / workmanship / materials & size.
  4. I like it alot. Any G is good fun. You need at least one!
  5. I'll go quality over quantity every time. A Sinn would be nice.
  6. My problem is I never sell or trade (only once did I purchase 2 identical pieces to flip) I do however gift many to friends & family & to younger folks who do not yet understand the joys of an automatic watch.
  7. I have 13 twelve slot cases, 4 six lot boxes, a winder that holds 10 pieces & a box that contains another dozen that I rarely wear. I am having made a wooden case that will hold about 60 watches. Scheduled to arrive on Monday June 14.
  8. It works, barely. You can rock it tho. Don't be concerned about what others think. If you like it, go for it.
  9. Q - $300 M- $30,,000 A- $100,000 + They would have to be very special!
  10. The U1 is killa. Is the velcro strap from Haveston?
  11. Suppaparts lugs & a Strapcode bracelet really work, but it's a heavy chunk!
  12. Thanks Bricey. Had it for 7 years. Good quality, but a bit of a noisy rotor. Since I purchased it, prices have gone crazy.
  13. Detroit Watch Co. 1701
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