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  1. Done, VHP in Blue on its way. Thanks for the help
  2. How accurate was your Conquest Auto Mr Zee, will I need to be adjusting it every other day?
  3. You've just put Rolex out of business ;)
  4. Sorry, you'll need to be explaining that Nigel. I'm defo. ni expert hence the question
  5. Actually I have tried a 36mm Oris Aquis and liked it, but was put off by the shop telling me it was a girls watch. Is it??
  6. Goldsmith for the VHP, 20% voucher from Vouchercloud valid until Sunday. Jura for the Conquest (regular 39mm, not Hydroconquest) with a 12% voucher Christopher Ward for the C60 with a 15% voucher
  7. Many thanks, does look like a lot of watch for the money
  8. 20% off at Goldsmiths with promo code from Vouchercloud 15% off at Christopher Ward with voucher 12% at Jura watches with voucher
  9. Hi all, opinions please on a Black Friday gift for myself. Longines Conquest VHP @ £624 Longines Conquest Auto @ £810 Chris Ward C60 Trident Pro @ £676 Or something else? I'd like an "easy to live with" everyday watch, metal bracelet, under 42mm. Thanks
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