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  1. I've a little pilot style, manual wind Russian watch that is 36mm. It keeps pretty good time. I'm not sure if a previous owner modded it but it has an open caseback. Setting the time is easy but winding can be a pain because the winder is very tiny. I can't recall the make, but it has a little set of aviator wings at the top. It was very inexpensive.
  2. Initially I bought dive watches and very little els, but I've grown quite bored of them and feel they all look a bit the same. Its a little like the standard car market; everything starts to look the same with the loss of distinctiveness. In the last three years I seem to have bought more Seiko Presage's than is perhaps wise and keep tempting myself by looking at Alpinists every other month.
  3. Thanks, will give that a go and see if I can get through.
  4. I ordered a strap online from Kronostraps.com two weeks ago. There was an automated email but nothing since; no confirmation of purchase or shipping notification. I emailed them, sent the a message through the enquiry form on their site and sent a message to them via Facebook messaging but haven't heard a peep from them. I want to cover all the bases before reclaiming payment and give them a fair chance in these awful times but no response via the means I've tried doesn't look great. Does anyone know if they are still in business?
  5. What's the height of the Aramar case?
  6. I'm a sucker for chronographs, some microbrands and vintage/retro handwinders around the 38mm mark. Oh, and Speedy Reduceds, but my payslip doesn't exactly lend itself to an Omega obsession.
  7. .....just when I thought I'd shaken off that want for the black PH, they pull me back in......
  8. I presume 'is my watch a fake' threads are not permitted? Asking because I have a Tag I bought in Jakarta 20 yrs ago and have always wondered about it.
  9. Thanks for the help. The problem with the Longines bracelet is that the micro adjustments are about a third of a link length which means I just can't get a good fit. I really like the bracelet so don't want to change it but I think I'll have to. There's another adjustment in the diver extension under the clasp, but it's quite a large alteration. I think I need to fiddle with it again to try and get it right because at the moment it's rattling around my wrist too freely.
  10. I'm struggling getting the right fit on a Longines Hydroconquest metal strap. The issue is that the links are quite large and there are no small increment adjustments on the clasp (they seem to be about the same as the link size). I've fiddled and fiddled with it to no success at a perfect fit. I can get it reasonably comfortable, but two-thirds through the day and the inner part of the clasp is really starting to dig into my wrist. The other adjustment I've worn feels ok so long as I'm warm but the second I go out in the cold it becomes very loose. I've thought about swapping the strap for so
  11. Hi Just joined, from Ireland and own over twenty watches; probably only three of them are any good. Preference for dials of an art deco appearance, quite like some microbrands and currently - trying very patiently - waiting in a Speedy.
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