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  1. I like them but the blue dial makes it feel too busy
  2. I don't likethe hands. The hour hand looks like a small table lamp.
  3. The Presage is generally the only Seiko I like. The dials are beautiful. Fairly basic movements, but I've never had any problems. As you go up in price the movements improve, but the cheaper models are great. The straps always feel very stiff and a bit plastic (even though they are leather) but with patience they wear in well and become less shiny. There are some amazing dials in the cocktail range with the power reserve indicator; one to rival the snowy dial on the GS.
  4. I can't work out how to tell the time on it
  5. I like the Cocktail models and Alpinists (poor mans Explorer) but prices seem to be going a bit crazy at the moment and I'm not keen on the current track of ever increasing size.
  6. I really like the look of it but thinking practically (apart from the size issue) its not quite a dress watch and its not quite a sporty watch....I'm just not sure I'd know when to wear it.
  7. Lovely watch. If I had to limit myself to one brand it would be Omega.
  8. A Tissot Visodate in Malaga and the Junghans Max Bill Anthracite in Vienna. Still have both and they get decent wear.
  9. Interesting read. Thanks for posting
  10. Any recommendations of books on the history of watchmaking that are a good read?
  11. Plastic Omega, Earth to moon and Mars.
  12. I love it and hate it. I take it out and look at it and think to myself, 'nice watch'. Then I put it on and think to myself, 'bloddy hell, that's big.' Then I shed a tear for the smaller automatic version I didn't buy. One day I'll be brave enough to wear this watch.
  13. The quote for link price turned out to be a mis-communication over the phone and was a price for a set of replacement links. Too late though. I ordered from Uncle Seiko.
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