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  1. The quote for link price turned out to be a mis-communication over the phone and was a price for a set of replacement links. Too late though. I ordered from Uncle Seiko.
  2. Thanks all. Watch Gecko came back and explained that the end links are 20mm so won't fit the speedy. Will have a look at uncleseiko site.
  3. I've a weakness for Omega's Speedmaster Reduced and picked up a reverse panda model a while back. It came on the branded leather strap and had a steel bracelet (I think it might be the 'bamboo' type) but too small for me and no extra links. I estimated I'd need 4 or 5 extra links to make it fit. I was quoted €300 per link today, which I'm really hoping is an error somewhere along the communication line bht they were quite insistent, so I've decided to just get a beads of rice from Watch Gecko. Thing is I can't make sense of the way they measure the end links. The bracelet and end links hace to be 18mm, but I think the end links have curved springs. On their website you buy the bracelet and end links separately. The strap is 18mm and there are end links for the 18mm strap but it states that its 20mm end links for the 18mm bracelet. What I'm tring to figure out is, do they mean the measurement in the curve is 20mm but will still fit the 18mm gap at the case?
  4. Somehow the diver seems more appropriate to the apocalypse.
  5. I'm a fan of the reduced. For me they feel like the perfect size, but I'm not a fan of oversized watches. Have two and contemplating a third.....but I'm trying not to think about it too much.
  6. I don't mind the power reserve on the Seiko Presage but on the GS the pie slice disrupts the dial too much for me.
  7. My first watch as a child was a small white faced manual wind. It had large green lumed numbers like a military or field watch. I loved that thing so manual winds have always had a bit of a special place for me.
  8. Basket Case is the old pulp horror movie in which a guy grows a deformed baby out of his side, isn't it?
  9. That looks very nice but the '1' numeral for 12 would drive me a bit mad.
  10. I am sorely tempted, but it would have to be the smaller version. Been so close to buying one this month but an Omega came up on my radar that I just couldnt resist.
  11. Vulgar but certainly eye catching. Case looks big enough to cook a casserole in.
  12. The LE Glacier Alpinist arrived to me today for pretty much the same price as the 197. First impressions are that the more subdued dial makes it appear a little smaller, it all looks very crisp and wears very comfortably and close to the wrist. It's giving the sense of being very versitile as dressy or casual. There's more I could say but it's been said a hundred times before in other reviews. So far I like it a lot. It's a bit unusual.
  13. I bought a Root Beer mod about a month ago, but the only thing changed is the bezel ring and it now has a crystal glass with a very slight edging. I bought it before realising Seiko were bringing out something similar but with a black to brown bezel. I prefer the black to brown-maroon that I have. I've no problems with that sort of mod but the mods built from scrap parts with a fake brand name attached are essentially fakes designed to gouge on the price.
  14. Ugh. The lume looks very cool though.
  15. That bubble would drive me nuts.
  16. Got a Seiko root beer mod sitiing on my desk for the last month waiting for a leather strap. It looked odd with anything else and i tried quite a few diffferent types of strap. A mid-brown/grey nubuck is coming in the post this week and finally I'll get to wear and enjoy this thing.
  17. That GS dial is very umm....Twin Peaks.
  18. I feel almost guilty to admit this at this stage in the thread, but I really like these a lot.the clean, simple styling hits the buttons for me.
  19. The desert model is appealing but I can't learn to love the hands; or more specifically, the hour hand that looks like a fist with pointy finger. Sometimes a similar tone to the hands can make them appear like cardboard cut outs. I'd be interested to see some real life shots of the dial.
  20. Is it the angle or is it thinner than the usual model?
  21. Blue Moon, Negroni, Raku, Sky Diving, Mockingbird and Fuyugeshiki in regular rotation on my wrist. I'm kind of keen on them. Movement is pretty basic but the dials are quite unique.
  22. I eventually got a response from Seiko and the 197 (silver bracelet one) is due in the next few days for release, although some have already recieved stock and have it for sale. In the end, having waited for well over a month for Seiko to respond, I pulled the trigger on the LE from a seller in Spain. The message from Seiko arrived three hours later. It's always the way, isn't it! The good news is there was only a €50 price difference between the LE one (199) and the latest release (197).
  23. Not wanting to dive into the Seiko LE scandal/argument but I was simply wondering if this model had actually been released. I can't recall which is which. I think the 199 is the LE for Europe with a numbered case, special box and two choices of strap, whereas the 197 is the Mountain Glacier Alpinist on a metal strap, not numbered. I thought it had been released already but all searches seem to take me to the European LE. Does anyone know if it has been released or if there is a release date set?
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