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  1. I think they will always stay, if it was all about telling the time accurately most people would wear quartz. Watches are already a look / status thing and an opportunity to express yourself, as much as they are functional. I hope there is a "Breaking tech addiction" counter culture where people actively wear watches to avoid checking phones or being hooked into tech. This is why i started wearing watches a few years ago (im 29).
  2. I keep getting advertised Paul Rich, i dont want to post a link though incase someone accidentally buys one, i dont want to be held responsible!
  3. ok so its just the bottom section you look at to tell the time? Looks cool
  4. Wow cool looking watch, i didnt know about that. I do like square / rectangular watches.
  5. Its hard to buy something knowing its value and utility is going to decrease pretty quickly. Well maybe its utility wont decrease, but it will be surpassed quite quickly. I dont know how they are going to get around that problem. Although it seems like tech is slowing down and phones now just have small incremental improvements, nothing groundbreaking. So maybe its getting near a point where you could spend £500 and know youd be ok for 2-4 years. Still not a great proposition though. That having been said though, i think the value for someone thats into fitness, is quite a lot higher than just as an extension of your phone. Getting HR, VO2 Max, pace and all those other metrics are pretty useful if you run seriously.
  6. I get what you are saying, but that argument can be used against buying anything other than a watch purely for its function. Not a dig, asking out of interest, what do you do that for you fills the gap of entertainment/down time? It sounds like you read non-fiction
  7. I like the fitness tracking side. Im actively looking at buying a Garmin Fenix 6 for doing trail running e.t.c. But ive had a smartwatch before and i already have a bad enough tech addiction as it is without having something on my wrist pinging me about every little thing. I do really like the concept, and wear a fitbit at the moment too, but i have it set for 1 way comms only, it records fitness data and sends it to my phone, i dont have anything get sent from my phoe to it. The reason i started wearing watches was to stop me getting my phone out to look at the time. I would get distracted by notifications, scroll through facebook, get annoyed with myself and put my phoe away, then realise i didnt even know what the time was!
  8. Id noticed the AP Royal Oak that Damian Lewis wears in Billions. I've started watching Succession and Im sure there are some juicy watches on there too but its really hard to get a good look at them. Shame its not on there yet. Im pretty sure one of the sons wears a Rolex OP or Datejust
  9. I just bought myself a Seiko Arnie (albeit the SNJ025 reissue, not an original 80s H558-5009), worn by the big man himself in Predator and Commando. Cant wait for it to arrive! The seller also mentioned he had a Seiko Ripley (7A28-7000) which i didnt even know about till he told me, but its pretty cool. I was wondering what other watches you owned that had a bit of screen time? Im guessing there will be a few Seamasters and im intrigued to know what else! Pics of the watch and a shot from the film would be cool!
  10. Nice to see some Seiko love today, and a few orange dials too!
  11. Wouldnt have guessed it was that thick from the original pic but it looks just as good in the "real life" photos
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